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PL-DW150 Large Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

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    Depending on the application, different types of plasma cleaning equipment can be used, and the basic structure of the device can be adjusted by selecting different types of gases. The general device can be vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, high frequency power supply, click, gas System, work transfer system and control system are composed of parts. The commonly used vacuum pump is a rotary oil pump. A high-frequency power supply usually uses 13.56 MHz radio waves. The operation of the equipment is as follows:
    (1) The cleaned workpiece is fed into the vacuum chamber and fixed, the operating device is started, exhaustion is started, and the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber reaches a standard vacuum degree of about 10Pa. The general exhaust time takes approximately 2 minutes.
    (2) Introduce gas for plasma cleaning into the vacuum chamber and keep the pressure within 10pa. According to the use of cleaning materials, oxygen, hydrogen, or nitrogen gas can be selected.
    (3) A high-frequency voltage is applied between the electrode in the vacuum chamber and the grounding device so that the gas is broken down and ionized and plasma generated by the glow discharge. The plasma generated in the vacuum chamber is completely enveloped in the processed workpiece and the cleaning operation starts. The general cleaning process lasts from tens of seconds to several minutes.
    (4) After the cleaning is completed, the high-frequency voltage is cut off, and the gas and vaporized dirt are discharged. At the same time, gas is blown into the vacuum chamber and the pressure is raised to an atmospheric pressure.
    Technical Parameters:
    Cavity material: stainless steel surface treatment
    Power Supply: AC380V
    Working current: The whole working current is less than 3A (without vacuum pump)
    RF power supply: 0-1000W adjustable
    RF frequency: 40KHZ (offset less than 0.2KHz) / 13.56MHz
    Frequency offset: less than 0.2KHz
    Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms, automatic matching
    Vacuum degree: 1pa-30Pa
    Number of gas channels: Dual gas input
    Gas flow: 10-300ml/min (adjustable)
    Process Control: PLC Man-Machine Interface Automatic and Manual Mode
    Cleaning time: 1-99999 seconds adjustable
    Power size 10%-100% adjustable
    Inner cavity size 500 × 550 × 550mm 150L
    Dimensions: 1200 × 800 × 1700mm
    Vacuum pump: BSV90 (speed 30L/S)
    Vacuum chamber temperature: less than 30°C
    Cooling method: forced air cooling
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