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PG2000S Portable laser Raman spectrometer

Product ID:FGlm001

Price: US$6,480.00 ~ US$9,980.00 PDF Format
Supply Ability:20SETS/MON
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  • Model NumberPG2000S
    Brand NameYIMA
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    1. No sample preparation
    2. System to build flexible , easy to operate
    3. Fast detection time less than 15 seconds
    4. Accurate , capable of ingredients or a complex mixture of substances identified were very low spectral resolution up to 3cm  -1
    5. Intelligent software operation, can be a mixture of database searches , the decomposition of different components to determine the details of each component

    Performance indicators

    Laser wavelength : 785nm
    Laser linewidth : <0.2nm
    Laser output power :> 300mW
    Spectral range :150-3900 cm  -1 (Stokes)
    Spectral resolution : 3cm  -1
    Ratio: 450:1
    Detector: Array back-illuminated CCD array
    Quantum efficiency: 75% of the peak
    Integration time : 11ms-8s

  • PG2000 high-speed spectrometer is a multi-channel spectral analysis instrument with high-speed technology and fine spectral resolution. The PG2000 high-speed spectrometer uses a high-resolution optical platform, flag technology and high-speed control technology. Application occasions, can simultaneously meet the multi-channel detection requirements.
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