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PeDX® Plus Portable XRF Analyzer

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    Model NumberPeDX® Plus
    PeDX® Plus Portable XRF Analyzer
    LANScientific PeDX® Plus Portable XRF Analyzer is designed to perform safe, high-quality energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis in the field. This high-performance instrument is equipped with a secure, enclosed X-Ray sample container. And its highly-flexible analysis software enables a variety of factory default and user-defined calibrations without sample preparation. The function can be compared to a mobile laboratory due to its simple acquisition and analysis.
    Application Areas
    A multi-purpose machine to meet diverse analyze demand
    1. Soil heavy metal pollution monitoring (environmental protection)
    LANScientific PeDX® Plus Portable Analyzer performs multi-element analysis of various soils and sediments in the field (the detected sample can be solid, dust, powder, solid body, debris, mud filtration material, film layer and other tangible objects) Testing. So that the measured site achieve China Environmental Protection Bureau soil environmental quality standards requirements (GB 15618-1995) to ensure soil safety and protect the environment.
    Main Application
    1. 8 metals (less than 10 ppm) as defined in RCRA contained in soils, clods, damp sediments, silt and liquid substances, and contaminated metals to be preferentially probed.
    2. In addition to ordinary regulatory analytes, light elements such as Mg, Al, Si, P, S also can be analyzed
    3. It can analyze the detection of water quality (such as industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, etc.) of heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, cadmium, zinc and other up to dozens of elements.
    4. It can be used in the judgment of sudden environmental pollution accident and the area of regional pollution inspection.
    2. Exploration and Mining
    In the field of exploration and mining, the traditional analysis is sending samples to off-site labs and then waiting for days to get the data, which can be both time-consuming and costly. LANScientific PeDX® Plus Portable Analyzer provides fast, easy access to data and elemental analysis results at all stages of mining activity, from basic exploration and development to ore grade control and even environmental surveys with little or no sample preparation. It’s more efficient compared with the traditional laboratory methods.
    Main Application
    1. Quickly measure soil and rock formations that reveal the ground to determine potential drilling targets.
    2. Directly screen core and cuttings, producing rapid decisions.
    3. Objects ranging from ordinary metals and gold ore to ore and platinum group elements
    4. Ore samples, such as soil, sediments, rock fragments, bagged cuttings and cutting iron core, etc.
    5. Samples of liquid substances containing high acidity.
    3.  Petrochemical Liquids and Hydrocarbons for Elemental Analysis
    LANScientific PeDX® Plus Portable Analyzers are used for the analysis of fuels, oils, additives and other fluids in the petrochemical, heavy traffic, power generation, aerospace, crude oil exploration, marine and other industries. It is a high performance, portable XRF analyzer that provides perfect sulfur elemental analysis method in energy industry.
    Main Application
    Sulfur content analysis of marine fuels: Monitoring of sulfur content in the sulfur dioxide emission control area (SECA). Special fuel quality regulations Emissions control areas exist in SOx emission control area (SOx ECA or SECA), including ports and coastal lines.
    Petroleum refining industry: Determination of total sulfur in fuels and crude oil, or impurities and trace metals in refinery catalysts.
    Refinery: for hydrofining units and blending systems.
    Oil pipeline: Used for oil interface judgment and tank contamination judgment.
    Wear elemental analysis: Accurate detection of additives containing Al, Si, P, S, Ca and Zn in various engine oils, engine oils, fuels and system oils. According to the concentration of different elements to determine the wear of metal machinery and the necessity for oil replacement.
    Additive Analysis: Analyzes high quality lubricants (mixed based on a special formulation of organic, metallic additives) for precision equipment at extreme temperatures and loads.
    Hydrocarbon analysis: Measure calcium, sulfur, magnesium, aluminum, phosphorus, silicon, chlorine, etc. in a given concentration of hydrocarbons and aqueous solutions.
    4. Test the Safety and Compliance of Consumer Product
    For manufacturers and retailers in the fields of toys, jewelry, apparel, furniture, packaging, drinking cups and so on, which face a daunting challenge of strict compliance with lead, cadmium and other toxic substances. LANScientific PeDX® Plus Portable Analyzer provide quickly, non-destructively and accurately analyzing in lead, cadmium (Cd) and other toxic metals used as additives in consumer products such as CI, Cr, As, Se, Br, Sb, Ba, Hg) detection and consumer products especially for children and toys are the focus of screening analysis. So this instrument is an ideal choice for incoming inspection and finished & stored products safety audits. It provides convenience to the product safety industry and relevant government authorities.
    Main Application
    Toys and children's products
    Furniture and fabrics
    Clothing and jewelry
    Cosmetics and personal care products
    Food and drink
    Vitamins and supplements
    5. Metal Alloy Analysis
    LANScientific PeDX® Plus portable analyzers with excellent metal analysis capabilities, combines the advantages of alloy analyzers dedicated to industrial environments which can provide users with detailed chemical compositional information on the material, quickly and accurately determine the metal grades and identify pure metals and alloys Grade, ideal for grade separation, incoming inspection, end-of-product verification, waste disposal, foundry or production line operations, ideal for refineries and distributors.
    Main Application
    1. It can analyze shavings, rods, lines, small parts and components.
    2. It can easily and directly sort and grade aluminum and aluminum-containing materials.
    3. Weld bead analysis in base material.
    4. Detect copper alloy grades and ingredients, including brass, bronze, copper, copper and so on.
    5. Used for a variety of mixed alloy testing, including titanium, tin alloy, lead alloy, tungsten alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy and so on.
    6. Used for stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel grade and ingredients & content testing.
    7. Detect precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, palladium.
    6. Enables Robust Analysis of Filled Circuit Boards and Consumer Electronics (RoHS Directive)
    LANScientific PeDX® Plus Portable Analyzer is designed for multi-elemental analysis of potentially toxic heavy metals (cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and bromine) in electronic equipment components, coatings and materials. It matches a wide range of consumer product specifications, in line with the EU on the restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment directive RoHS, ElV requirements and other regulations. The instrument can provide quickly and easily RoHS compliance results. This is an ideal RoHS analysis method.
    Main Application
    Printed circuit board (PCB)
    Metal parts
    Technical Parameters
    Instrument Dimensions 285(L)*285(W)*367(H)mm
    Sample holder Dimensions 210(L)*260(W)*95(H)mm
    Weight 8.5KG
    Excitation source 50KV/200μA maximum pipe pressure pipe flow 12W
    70KV/1000μA maximum pipe pressure pipe flow 12W(Special application configuration)
    Detector SDD
    Display system Based on i.mx6 Quad quad core Cortex-A9 processor
    Dedicated analytical grade operating system, 32GB system memory
    Power Supply System Intelligent battery management through MSBUS bus, real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery. The battery complies with air transport regulations of dangerous goods.
    A single battery can last 8 hours.
    Resolution Optimal<136eV
    Data transmission USB, Bluetooth
    Operating environment temperature -20℃~50℃
    Operating environment humidity 10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Display 8.4″ retractable color touch screen display
    Test time User-defined
    Safety protection Built-in radiation protection device (automatically cut off)
    Safety interlock, can open the instrument only in power on condition, (seal performance)
    Radiation indicator
    Camera Built-in 5 megapixel high-definition camera
    Optional auto sampler
    Built-in pre-installed vacuum system (optional), without the need of a vacuum stick
    Light elements such as magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Lv) and sulfur (S) can be optimally analyzed with better detection limits
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