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MTS suspension bending fatigue testing machine

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    Suspension bending fatigue testing machine is mainly used for fatigue test of the automotive front axle suspension system, the loading point for the wheel at the ground, each ground point with three directions to load, to simulate the car front axle suspension system in the actual loading conditions Of the force situation, in order to achieve fast and accurate assessment of the performance of the axle housing and suspension.
    Technical Parameters:
    Large static test force (kN): ± 20
    Large dynamic test force (kN): ± 20
    Test force accuracy: ± 1.0% (measuring range ± 2% ~ 100% FS)
    Actuator amplitude (mm): ± 100
    Actuator Structure: Double-rod dual role
    Displacement accuracy: ± 0.5% FS ± 1% FS
    Test fixture: mechanical fixture
    Frequency range (Hz): 0.01 ~ 100
    Test waveform: sine wave, triangle wave, ramp and so on. Customizable client waveforms.
    Structure: double column desktop
    Pillar width (mm): 460
    Test space height (mm): 500
    Recommended oil source specifications: 10L / min, 23L / min, 36L / min, 45L / min
    Rated pressure 21Mpa
    Host stiffness (N / m): 2.5 × 108
    Host weight about (kg): 400
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