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MTS axle fatigue testing machine

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    Axle fatigue testing machine is based on QC / T513-1999 "automobile front axle bench fatigue life test method" and "QC / T483-1999 automobile front axle fatigue life limit" the relevant provisions of the design and equipped with different racks and Accompanying also can do railway static test and dynamic fatigue test of railway sleeper, concrete, civil structure, spring and so on.
    Technical Parameters:
    System maximum static test force: 1000 kN;
    System maximum dynamic test force: 1000 kN;
    System test channel number: 5
    System load indication accuracy: ≤ ± 1%;
    1000kN Actuator:
    Maximum static test force: 1000kN Accuracy: 20% FS from the point ± 1%;
    Maximum dynamic test force: 1000kN, dynamic indication fluctuation: ≤ ± 3% FS;
    Maximum working vibration amplitude: 15mm (theoretical value);
    Piston stroke: 150mm;
    Maximum extension screw: 450mm;
    Extension tube length (long tube): 1000mm;
    Extension tube length (short tube): 500mm;
    Working frequency range: 2-8Hz, stepless adjustable.
    Pulser displacement: 0-800mL / times, stepless adjustable.
    Counter: 1 time / revolution
    Control cabinet full scale display value: 1000;
    Computer full scale display value: 1000;
    Pulser main motor power: 11 / 22kW;
    The maximum capacity of the counter: 108;
    Loading frame size: According to customer requirements design, special configuration;
    Fatigue test The number of channels: 5, the pipeline is equipped with switching devices, can be single or multi-point synchronous fatigue test.
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