MF-105 Milk Fat Analyzer

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    MF-105 Milk Fat Analyzer
    The MF105 Milk Fat Analyzer is an instrument for testing the fat content of dairy products. Based on nearly 30 years of experience in instrument manufacturing, through the comprehensive consideration of the company's fat meter and the various requirements of the national standard for milk fat measurement, the company designed a unique condenser tube to perfect the intelligent operating system. The MF-105 milk fat analyzer was successfully developed with various technical difficulties such as oil stratification and solvent reflux.
    The instrument adopts sealed structure and is equipped with special patented chromatographic separation tube and extraction bottle. The instrument has compact structure, no sample transfer in the whole process, high-precision and rapid reflow in stages. The instrument is easy to operate and the test result has high precision. Reproducible. The instrument uses alkali, acid to break fat cells, chromatographic separation, weight measurement as the principle, in line with GB 5009.6-2016; GB 5413.3-2010; GB/T5009.6-2003; SB/T10009-2008; GB/T9695.7- 2008.
    ● No sample transfer is required in the whole process, and the success rate of intelligent operation experiment is high;
    ● It integrates grease stratification, separation, solvent reflux and other functions;
    ● It is made of corrosion-resistant material and is suitable for corrosive solvents;
    ● 7-inch ultra-fine color screen, touch control;
    ● Fully enclosed aluminum alloy heating;
    ● 6 samples per batch, specially debugged, giving parallel results of the instrument;
    ● Specially designed liposuction bottle holder;
    ● Special condensing tube: integrated chromatographic separation tube and liquid addition, flexible operation;
    ● The design is simple and generous, improving the overall grade and quality image of the laboratory;
    ● Interface design: friendly human-computer interaction, effective prevention of human misoperation, failure of the experiment or damage to the instrument, reflecting the ultimate humanization concept;
    Technical Parameters
    Operating mode: intelligent control;
    Test range: containing milk fat ≥ 0.1%;
    Number of samples: Test 1 to 6 samples at a time;
    Sample weighing: solid 1~10g, liquid 1~10ml;
    Temperature control range: room temperature to 200 ° C;
    Temperature control accuracy: ±0.3 °C; (in the state of heat preservation)
    Sample recovery rate: ≥99.5% (cooling water temperature >4 °C, ≤26 °C);
    Precision: fat content ≤ 5%, ≤ 0.1g / 100g;
    Fat content 5~15%, ≤0.2g/100g;
    Fat content ≥15%, ≤0.3g/100g;
    Test time: ≤120 minutes;
    Display mode: 7 inch LCD super fine color screen;
    Sealing material: tetrafluoroethylene;
    Extraction bottle size: 70ml;
    Heating method: aluminum alloy heating;
    Rated power: MF-105: 500W;
    Rated voltage: 220V ± 10%, 50 ~ 60HZ;
    Dimensions: 580 × 360 × 620;
    Weight: 30kg;

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