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LSE022 Flux microwave digestion/extraction system

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    LSE022 Flux microwave digestion/extraction system is in the original MDS -8  closed microwave chemistry workstation based on using the latest materials and production process is improved after a superior performance, reliable quality of microwave chemical sample preparation equipment. MDS - 8 G using the current international high-end of microwave chemical instrument equipped with super aerospace composite fiber materials outside the tank, qualitative light, durable, with a strong ability to resist transverse impact, blast not crack, not broken, strength is higher than all other polymer engineering plastic, or even better than steel;Eliminated polymerization plastic fusible under high temperature and high pressure, inflammable, easy to crack defects, maximum limit increased the safety of the operation. Applicable to microwave, microwave extraction and microwave synthesis and so on a variety of applications.
    1) the piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, real-time control and display the digestion tank pressure and pressure curve, scope: 0 to 10 MPa (1500 psi), measurement and control precision: 0.01 MPa.
    2) platinum resistance sensor has high precision, real-time control and display the temperature of the digestion tank and the heating curve, the temperature control range: 0-300
    , accuracy: + / - 1 .
    3) pop-up buffer explosion-proof translational oven door structure, when abnormal reaction, pop-up buffer structure to ensure that the emergency operator safety door structure intact, under.
    More than 4) flux sample processing, up to 8 or 10 samples processed at the same time, also can respectively deal with 1-8/10 of the sample.
    5) high pressure airtight digestion tank USES high-strength frame structure, safe and reliable explosion-proof institutions;Decompression auxiliary tank design, easy to operate easily.Double tank structure: the highest stress for more than 15 mpa (2250 psi), the highest temperature under 300
    or higher, volume 100 ml.Outside the inner pot adopts imported TFM material, can adopt super aerospace composite fiber materials.
    6) all programmed reaction tank cavity forced air cooling, realize safe cooling program prompts alarm;Can also be outside the furnace chamber cooling, due to the thermal conductivity of the composite fiber material characteristic, the cooling speed, higher utilization rate of furnace chamber.
    (7) uniform furnace cavity microwave cavity) synchronous processing design ensure that all samples, multiple anticorrosion coating, ensure the long-term protection against all kinds of acid gas furnace chamber and solvent corrosion.
    8) furnace chamber equipped with high-power exhaust system, a variety of reactions can be ventilated, safety and easy to observe environment continuously for a long time. 

    Technical parameters:
    Power 220 VAC 50Hz 15A
    Microwave frequency 2450MHz
    The whole machine installed power 2600W
    The maximum output power of microwave 1200 W, pulse continuous automatic frequency conversion control
    Pressure measurement and control systems The piezoelectric pressure sensor, pressure control range:0-10MPa (1500psi),precision ±0.01MPa
    Temperature measurement and control systems High precision platinum resistance temperature sensor, temperature measurement range:0-300, precision±1
    Sample tank outside the reaction tank Not broken blasting crack blasting tear no broken composite fiber material of explosion-proof tank
    The sample reaction tank in tank TFM imported materials
    Furnace chamber exhaust system High-power anti-corrosive centrifugal fan, exhaust air  5.5m3/min
    The whole machine physical size 540 x 520 x 490 mm (wide x deep x high )
    The whole machine net weight: 40 KG
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