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JQW03C Single Fiber Compression Bending Tester for Textile material testing

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  • Model NumberJQW03C
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    JK99F2 automatic surface interfacial tensiometer
     JK99F2 automatic surface tension meter is a simple and easy test instrument that replaces chemical methods with physical methods. It is fully automatic with one button. It can quickly and accurately measure the surface tension of various liquids and the relationship between liquids and liquids. the interfacial tension. JK99F2 is an all-in-one dual-purpose machine with built-in touch-type LCD digital display and roll-type printer. It can not only complete the test work independently by a single machine, but also can be connected to a computer to control and observe the dynamic change of the tension curve.
    1. The sensor adopts domestic high-quality system (0.1mg balance), with accurate test data, high precision and good repeatability.
    2. Compliant with national standards GBT 22237-2008, GBT 5549-2010 and GBT 6541-86, etc., compatible with platinum ring method and platinum ring method, surface tension and interfacial tension can be measured, which is convenient for users' data and upstream and downstream units, third parties Testing institutions and various industry standards are compared.
    3. Built-in touch LCD screen, standard roll printer, one-button touch operation and real-time display and printing of measurement results, no need to connect to a computer, no need to connect to a printer, no cumbersome operations, no calculations, easy to move;
    4. Standard PC-side application software, so it can also be connected to a computer to work for a long time under the Windows operation interface, automatically record the tension change curve, perform real-time observation, and store and print.
    5. The standard is equipped with a circulating heat preservation platform that can be connected to a constant temperature tank, with a built-in temperature sensor, and users can easily connect various constant temperature tanks by themselves (the instrument does not include a constant temperature tank as standard, and the user can use the original constant temperature tank or request our factory to replace it. ).
    Technical parameter:
    Measuring range: 0 mN/m999.99 mN/m (0mN/m999.99mN/m)
    Sensitivity: 0.01 millinewtons/meter (mN/m)
    Accuracy: 0.1 millinewtons/meter (mN/m)
    Resolution: 0.01 millinewtons/meter (mN/m)
    Detection method (both methods are compatible):
                a. Platinum ring method (single measurement sample volume 40~50ml)
                b. Platinum plate method (single measurement sample volume 20~30ml)
    Sampling period: platinum ring method (150-200 seconds)
                   Platinum plate method (1-5 seconds)
    Voltage power supply: AC220±5V
    Maximum power consumption: <150W
    Temperature reading accuracy: 0.1°C (measured with a sensitive temperature sensor), 30%~85% relative humidity.
  • Introduction:
    Fiber measuring instruments are used to measure the mechanical properties (modulus, work at break and elongation at break, etc.), appearance (shape, diameter, Length, fracture morphology and fracture process), etc., through the measurement of these parameters to characterize the characteristics of fiber materials, to provide guidance and reference indicators for the application and trade of fiber materials.
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