iFIA7 automatic flow analyzer

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    iFIA7 automatic flow analyzer
    iFIA7 automatic flow analyzer can realize automatic detection of various parameters. It adopts the patented (ZL 2016 2 0686046.8 single-channel multi-parameter flow injection analyzer) intelligent flow control system, which can realize rapid automation and multi-parameter without complicated hardware configuration and manual operation. Determination. Most of the detection methods have no shared flow paths, avoiding cross-contamination between each other, and ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of detection. A new generation of intelligent detection platform, real-time monitoring of feedback instrument status, self-diagnosis and maintenance, to ensure accurate and reliable detection results, easy to use and operate.
    1. Patented (ZL 2017 2 0398468.X pressure adjustable gland pump) pressure adjustable peristaltic pump, the gland adopts new elastic material to adapt to different wall thickness pump tubes, improve the precision of liquid inlet and ensure long-term liquid inlet stable;
    2. Patented (ZL 2016 2 0686046.8 single-channel multi-parameter flow injection analyzer) automatic flow control system (patented intelligent flow control system): can automatically configure different pre-processing modules and reaction lines according to the method and automatically preheat To work, no manual operation is required, reducing the risk of human error;
    3. The adaptive optical system automatically adjusts the detection wavelength and intensity according to the method, and automatically adapts to the detection requirements of different items;
    4. Real-time monitoring of the full state of the instrument, control the overshoot-lag process of each unit according to the method setting, so that the reaction conditions are strictly consistent, and the detection accuracy is guaranteed;
    5. The new software workstation contains a variety of preset method files, with multi-channel test, real-time data graphics analysis, instrument status monitoring, permission data management and other functions.
    Technical Parameters
    ● Linear relationship: 102 ~ 103 >0.999
    ● Detection limit: 0.1-1ppb
    ● Repeatability: RSD≤3.0%
    ● Detection rate: 20-200 samples / hour
    Test items
    Water quality analysis (tap water / surface water / sewage / sea water): cyanide, volatile phenol, anionic detergent, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate / nitrite, total phosphorus, phosphate, sulfide, chloride, fluoride, Acidity, alkalinity, total hardness, aluminum, boron, iron, silicon, urea, formaldehyde, etc.
    Environmental analysis (soil/plant): total nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, Kjeldahl nitrogen, phosphate, sulfate, aluminum, potassium, boron, bromide, phenols, etc.
    Fertilizer analysis: ammonium nitrogen, nitrate, total nitrogen, urea, fluoride, etc.
    Food/Tobacco Analysis: Acidity, Glucose, Sulfide, Total Sugar, Reducing Sugar, Nitrite, Nitrate, Urea, Volatile Acid, etc.
    Agriculture, forestry / chemical analysis: Kjeldahl nitrogen, Kjeldahl phosphorus, available phosphorus, nitrate nitrogen, boride, etc.

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