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HNNHD-02A refractoriness testing machine

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    Model NumberHNNHD-02A
    Using imported high-temperature silicon molybdenum rods as the heating element, the use of B-type thermocouple temperature, high-precision temperature control table to control the heating rate, the use of industrial image acquisition system to collect image information and display on the computer monitor automatically record the picture has been compared, The system can automatically determine the inverted cone, and print out the experimental report (experimental report with pictures and temperature information). You can test a different six samples at a time.
    1. High reliability of work: The equipment uses high quality special refractory materials and electrical components, advanced design concepts to ensure that the equipment performance and stability, low failure rate.
    2. High degree of automation: The equipment is equipped with self-developed software, reliable operation, but also has a sample of automatic initialization function, sample automatic lifting function, simple and flexible operation.
    3. High precision: high-precision temperature control table, sophisticated industrial image acquisition system, automatically determine the inverted cone system to ensure that the system has high accuracy.
    4 automatic imaging: The system uses industrial cameras, the cone can be positioned for shooting, automatic imaging automatically determine whether the inverted cone, the experimental data is automatically saved.
    5. With a number of protection features: a number of protection features, such as broken even, over-temperature, etc., thus ensuring the long-term stability of the device.
    Technical Parameters:
    Control mode: PC + intelligent temperature controller + high temperature imaging
    Rated temperature: 1800
    Turntable speed: 2 rev / min
    Furnace size: 190mm × 180mm × 180mm (length × width × height)
    Furnace temperature is: <5
    Equipment Dimensions: 800mm × 1000mm × 1600mm
    Rated power: 6KVA
     Number of samples: 1-6
    Power: Single-phase 220V 30A 50Hz
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