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GSL-1100X-PJF-A plasma surface treatment instrument

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    GSL-1100X-PJF-A plasma surface treatment instrument
    The GSL-1100X-PJF-A plasma surface treatment instrument is a compact atmospheric ion surface treatment injection system consisting mainly of an RF generator and an ion beam head. The jetted ion beam stream activates and cleans surface impurities (such as single wafers, optical components, plastics, etc.) at low temperatures and without vacuum conditions, and is cleaned quickly. This machine is the right tool for pre-surface treatment of high quality epitaxial films or optical coatings. The GSL-1100X-PJF-A plasma surface treatment instrument has a sample stage. After the sample is fixed on the sample stage, it can be continuously moved in a certain range in the X, Y and Z directions, and the ion beam is not in the cleaning process. Jitter occurs and the surface quality of the cleaned sample is uniform.
    1. High-speed cleaning of the surface of the object, easy to operate and safe.
    2. No vacuum or chamber environment is required.
    3, small and practical, low cost.
    4. Light weight and compact structure.
    5, has passed CE certification.
    Technical Parameters
    Power supply: 110/220V 50Hz/60Hz <1000W
    Output frequency: 20KHz-23KHz
    Ion beam head: round head 10mm-12mm, rectangular head 15mm-18mm
    Input air pressure: 0.275MPa (min)
    Working atmosphere: air, nitrogen, argon, mixed gas, but do not use flammable and explosive gases
    Plasma working pressure: 0.048MPa-0.068MPa
    Working environment: temperature <42 ° C, humidity ≤ 40% RH
    Workbench: automatic control of 3D workbench, X, Y axis electric adjustment, Z axis manual adjustment
    Vacuum cup: Ø100mm
    X-axis travel: 200mm
    Y-axis travel: 100mm
    Z axis travel: 50mm
    Size: 600mm × 600mm × 1250mm;
    Weight: 55kg
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