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FineLC-1500 Liquid Chromatography

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    Model NumberFineLC-1500
    Product introduction
    Liquid Chromatography LC-1500 refers to the mobile phase for Liquid, chromatographic column is a special method with small particle size fillers filled, even after the column has a high sensitivity detector, but for continuous detection of effluent.
    HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC for short) is also called the "High pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)", "High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)", "High degree of separation Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)", etc.

    The system adopts high pressure infusion system, will be a single solvents with different polarity and different proportion of mixed solvent, such as buffer mobile phase pump into a stationary phase chromatographic column, each component is separated in the column, enter the detector for testing, so as to realize the analysis of the sample.
    System by the highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer is mainly composed of filling system, infusion system, separation system, testing system and data processing system, etc.

    Principle of the instrument
    Performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) by the pump will be solvent in the liquid storage bottle to the chromatographic system, and then the output, the flow and pressure measurement, import the sampler. Sample was tested by injection, and with the mobile phase through the column, separation on the column into detector and signal detection by the data processing equipment acquisition and processing, and record chromatograph chart. Liquid into the liquid bottle. With complex mixture separation (polarity range is wide) gradient controller can also be used for gradient elution. This gas phase chromatography similar temperature programmed, the difference is change the temperature, the gas chromatography performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) change the polarity of mobile phase analyte, separate the sample under the best conditions of components. This is the solute between the stationary phase and mobile phase of a continuous exchange process many times. It borrow solute partition coefficient in two alternate with, affinity, adsorption or molecular size exclusion effect which is caused by the different of difference to separate different solute.
    Product features
    A kind of to meet the needs of a variety of applications of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system; 
    Flow temperature high pressure metering pump system, can pump more realize gradient analysis; 
    The built-in deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp, all can be achieved from ultraviolet to infrared wavelength coverage;
    Support the uv, fluorescence, and light scattering detector diode array;
    Six support manual valve sample or sample automatically;
    Workstation analysis software can realize flow, detection, control, and other functions;
    OLED ultra clear backlit screen layer and tower unibody design;
    Support the ASTM, ISO and GBT recognition analysis method;
    Application field

    Mainly used in chemical, medical, industrial, agriculture, commodity inspection and the method of inspection, etc.
    Petrochemical, organic analysis, chemical preparation;
    Fluid detection, drug, drug preparation;
    Food, drinks, pesticide residue analysis;
    Inspection and quarantine, sanitary parts, testing agencies;
    Lab routine analysis

    Technical parameters
    Size :L320, H620, D450 mm
    The weight
    40 Kg
    The power supply AC220V 50/60 hz
    Operating environment
    0 to 50 , 5% - 5% Rh
    Indoor environment
    USB, RS485, network communication way
    Metering pump
    1-2 unit, Max pressure 50MPa
     Flow range 0.001-50 ml/min
    The pure liquid mobile phase analysis
    Conditions of liquid samples
    1  Samples of atmospheric pressure or pressure system

    2  Sample model manual injection sample, sample automatically
    3  Capillary column chromatography column
    4  Chromatographic column heating room temperature: - 80
    , temperature control precision of 0.2
    5  Detector ultraviolet detector, automatic wavelength positioning adjustment, automatic zero
    6  The detection limit : 0.1 ng
    7  wavelength range 190-700 - nm
    8  Absorb  range
    0.0005 AU/mV - 10 AU/mV
    9  D2 lamp life
    2000 hours
    10 Analysis speed
    5 to 20 minutes
    11 Dedicated workstations, software control, quantitative analysis, spectrogram processing operation

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