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DY-FG200 Gas continuous emission monitoring system

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    Model NumberDY-FG200
    Brief introduction 
    DY series CEMS is suitable for the online analysis and monitoring of the pollutant emission during the environmental protection and it provides standardized and universal design for thermal power plants' CEMS based on the standards HJ/T75-2007Technical Regulation for CEMS of Thermal Power Plants , HJ/T76-2007Technical Requirements and Testing Methods for CEMS of Fixed Pollution. The system is composed of the data acquisition system unit, control analysis unit, the sample gas collection and preprocessing unit and counter blowing unit. It acquires sample gases by direct extraction. It can choose to conduct continuous online monitoring of such parameters such as particle concentration, sulfur dioxide concentration, oxynitride concentration, gas concentration, smoke temperature, smoke pressure, smoke velocity, carbon monoxide concentration, carbon dioxide concentration and humidity, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, ammonia and hydrocarbon concentration, and complete the data display and storage. This system adopts integrated modular design, and it is allocated with Siemens S7 series programmable controller, industrial LCD touch-screen and configuration control system software.   It can realize the acceptance and control of the multi-component detecting signals simultaneously. The data management system whose interior part is thorough can realize dynamic data update of 50ms and automatically records the historical curves, and therefore it provides a full range of platform services for controlling the industrial gases' emissions. The computer controlled by the system can upload the data to the host computer or connect to the computer of superior environmental protection department through the Internet. Environmental protection department can use the monitoring data conveniently and quickly so as to, control emission concentration blow the national standards. What is more, the system can also implement closed-loop control with the self-steering of desulphurization and denitration to reduce customers' profusion of raw materials. 
    Technical parameter 
    1)Type of system: DY-FG200 
    2)Measurement principle: NDIR or DOAS (Ultraviolet rays absorption spectroscopy), zirconia(02), high temperature capacitance method (humidity), impact tube. 
    3)Response time of the system: ≤15s 
    4)Measurement range: custom-made 
    5)Measurement accuracy:±1% F.S 
         Zero drift:≤±2.0%F.S of its range per month
         Span drift: ≤±2.0%F.S of its range per month
    7)Linear error:≤±4% 
    8)Length of the probe pipe: 1.0m~3.0m 
    9)High-precision filtration, or filtration accuracy: 0.1μm; 
    10)System maintenance interval: 1 year 
    11)Signal output: 4~20mA insulated electric signal 
    12)Alarm output: contact capacity 3A/220V, function is user-defined 
    13)System reliability: mean free error time: MTBF≥20000h
    14)Operating power source: 220VAC±10% 50HZ±5% 
    15)Operating temperature: -20°C-±40°C 
    16)Ambient humidity: ≤90%RH 
    17)Blowback air source: clean air≥0.4Mpa 1.0m³/h~15m³/h 
    18)Contour dimension: 1800×600×600
    DY-FG200 Gas continuous emission monitoring system
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