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DUBHE-Online Ultra Low Sulfur Analyzer

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    DUBHE-Online Ultra Low Sulfur Analyzer
    For oil refining and chemical companies, the on-line analysis of on-site instrumentation has fast and timely results. If the online instrumentation is accurate and reliable, it can reduce operating costs and energy consumption, and at the same time, health, safety, and environmental protection are truly intelligent digital factories. An indispensable condition.
    For petrochemical companies producing automotive fuel oil, desulfurization is an important process, and trace chlorine will cause catalyst consumption and corrosion equipment. Therefore, controlling the content of trace sulfur and chlorine in the entire process is particularly important. At present, it mainly depends on experiments. Room instruments are frequently sampled and tested to complete analysis and control.
    DUBHE-Online is successfully developed based on a single-wavelength X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. At the same time, the detection limit meets the more stringent requirements of China V gasoline and diesel. The entire machine does not require any gas, which minimizes safety requirements and does not require replacement. The sample film is automatically calibrated on a regular basis to achieve true maintenance-free operation. 
    1.Full-focus hyperbolic curved crystal monochrome technology
    ——Efficient stimulation
    Through the Johansson hyperbolic curved crystal, the high-intensity characteristic lines of the target emitted from the light pipe are diffracted and focused on the smaller surface of the sample, which greatly reduces the background of the scattered rays and improves the elemental excitation efficiency in the sample.
    —— accurate measurement
    The second-order diffraction and focusing of element rays in the sample were performed by Johansson-type hyperbolic curved crystals, and the peak-to-back ratio of the element to be measured was obtained.
    2.Digital light path design
    Integrated digital optical path molding design, high accuracy to ensure the accuracy of spectral lines.
    3.No need to change the sample membrane
    Traditional online X-ray fluorescence spectrometers require periodic replacement of the sample film, which is complex and expensive to maintain. DUBHE-Online uses a maintenance-free light window (patent protected) design that eliminates the need for sample mold protection and minimizes maintenance costs.
    4.No gas required
    Eliminates the need for any protective or combustion gases, reducing maintenance costs and safety risks 
    Technical Parameters
     Method standard: meet GB / T 11140 wavelength dispersion X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
     ASTM D7039 single-wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
     Detection limit: 0.5ppm (300 seconds continuous acquisition)
     Analysis range: 1.0ppm-0.5%
     Repeatability: Sn-1≤0.7ppm (5ppm), 3ppm (50ppm)
     Analysis cycle: continuous analysis and set cycle two modes
     Explosion-proof grade: Meet Ex d e mb px IICT4 Gb explosion-proof standard
     Signal output: Modbus RS485

  • The DUBHE-Online online ultra-low sulfur analyzer is based on a single-wavelength X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, and meets the more stringent requirements of China V gasoline and diesel on the detection limit. The DUBHE-Online analyzer does not require any gas, which minimizes the safety requirements. At the same time, it does not need to replace the sample film, and the periodic strength is automatically calibrated to achieve true maintenance-free operation.
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