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DFNW-500 high purity nitrogen generator

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    Model NumberDFNW-500
          DFNW series of high-purity nitrogen generator is a high-end, imported gas chromatography high purity gas design and production requirements of the product, the domestic initiative, the world's leading. Using the world's most advanced materials and gas chromatography separation technology, directly from the air to extract high purity nitrogen. The oxygen, carbon, water and other impurities supplied by the air compression pump are removed through the stationary phase, allowing only nitrogen to pass through the stationary phase and into the reservoir, adjusting the appropriate pressure and flow rate in the reservoir Can be used directly, fixed phase column with automatic renewable device, stationary phase without the need for replacement. It is purely physical separation method, completely eliminate the electrochemical separation of the corrosion of the instrument, built-in oil-free compressor can be continuous 24 hours for nitrogen, do not need to access the air from the outside, is completely replace the traditional electrolyte (water) Separation of nitrogen to obtain a new generator, with the use of safe, reliable performance, long life and other advantages.
    1. Built-in oil-free air compressor, no oil lubrication, gas-free oil pollution;
    2. High-quality stainless steel gas tank, gas (replacement), (to prevent the discharge of yellow rust pollution laboratory);
    3. Oil-water separator, automatic, manual drainage two-way selection, adjustable working pressure, barometer display;
    4. Automatic pressure relief device, no pressure start, the motor is more durable;
    5. Simple operation, one-button operation can automatically generate nitrogen;
    6. After the boot can quickly provide high purity nitrogen;
    7. Applicable to 24 hours continuous operation;
    8. In the normal use of the generator, with no staff care and no need to do any maintenance requirements;
    9. Maintenance operation is simple, no trouble in the case of general technical staff to complete;
    10. long-term need to replace parts;
    11. Output connector with M8X1, stainless steel pipe connection.
    12. Chassis with brake casters, easy to move.
    Technical Parameters:
    Output pressure: 0-0.4Mpa (factory set pressure of about 0.4MPa);
    Output flow:
    Purity%: 99.999
    Pressure MPa: 0-0.4
    Output flow Nml / min: adjustable 0-500
    Volume (mm3) L * W * H: 300x460x760mm
    Nitrogen purity: 99.999% and above (relative oxygen content);
    Working conditions: power supply 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 5%;
    Relative humidity: 85% of the environment without a lot
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