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DF-1000 X -ray fluorescence spectrometer

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    Model NumberDF-1000
    Mainly used in iron and steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, foundry industry , refractory materials, gold jewelry testing , toys, geology, mining , soil , environment, archeology , electronics, medicine, environmental protection , electric power, petrochemical, boiler manufacturing , renewable resources, metal , silicate salt and criminal Evidence identification of various types of analysis and other fields .
    1. Automatic injection technique . Domestic generally use a single sample measurement or in the case of X radiation sample changer , and we use automatic injection technique to avoid the radiation.
    2. The illuminated technology . General domestic use under -illuminated technology, and we use the upper -illuminated technology, completely solve detectors , fluorescent tubes, pollution and other issues, the instrument control accuracy requirements are higher .

    3. Automatic temperature control technology ( ie, the most advanced semiconductor cooling ) . Domestic demand for X-ray tube , detector cooling generally use air, water or oil cooling method , using the above method influenced by the external environment ; while we use automatic temperature control technology can accurately and easily control the refrigeration temperature ( temperature components ) , so that the instrument itself is not affected by changes in environmental factors sensitive to long-term stability .
    4. Improved algorithms make it possible ferroalloy tablet analysis .
    5. Dimensions and weight : Length 1000mm, width 600mm, height 650mm; weight of about 100kg.

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