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CIT-3000SYB X-ray fluorescence analyzer

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    Model NumberCIT-3000SYB
          CIT-3000SYB/SDB energy dispersive X- ray fluorescence analyzer is a national key new products, a leading domestic level upscale sophisticated analytical instruments , with no special treatment of the sample , rapid analysis , analysis of high precision, easy operation, low cost other significant advantages .
           Comprehensive response to the EU ROHS Directive / ELV directive , China "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations" and the U.S. and EU regulations and directives toys , products and materials to ensure green . This product is suitable for halogen testing, ROHS testing and other testing . Comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC62321 standards and environmental standards in China are the technical requirements and technical specifications.
     Working Principle
      X-ray generators emit X- rays and the interaction of atoms in the sample , expelled atomic inner electrons . When the outer electron supplementary inner electrons when the atoms are inherent radiation energy X-rays - characteristic X- rays. According to the process of stimulated backward stimulated the release of the characteristic X -ray energy varies, so qualitative analysis ; characteristic X-ray intensity based on the size , can be quantitatively analyzed.

     Detector using NASA technology of semiconductor detectors, the energy resolution is better than 149ev;
    Vacuum measurement , measure the elements to maximize the detection limit is conducive halogen measurement ;
    Automatically adjusts the optical tube power for excitation light elements and the excitation of heavy elements have good effect ;
    Round goods store design , adapted to the detection of a variety of samples can be measured state system , liquid, powder ;
    Calibration curves open work platform can be tailored to best detection of harmful substances and control programs ;

    XRF analysis of the world's leading software integration , including empirical coefficient method, the fundamental parameter method (FP method ) , the theoretical α coefficient method and other classical analytical methods , to guarantee the accuracy of the test data .
    Using pattern recognition and database technology, intelligent analysis instrument ;
    Configure filter device greatly improved peak to background ratio ;
    Calibration method: EU RoHS Plastic standard calibration data ;

    Can be customized according to user requirements test report output format (Excel, PDF , etc. ) , according to the plant a variety of statistical and format requirements .
    ROHS analysis software can be carried out on stainless steel , alloys , precious metals and total elemental analysis .
    Integrated design , stable performance , reliable , cost-effective ;
    For electronic products, tools , toys, etc. RoHS / WEEE harmful elements (Pb, Hg, Br, Cd, Cr) detection ; dual -ray protection ( software, hardware ) , to ensure that the operator radiation safety , security exemptions from Sichuan EPB management .
    Technical parameters
    Analysis of a range of elements : Mg-U;
    Elements of range : 1ppm -99.9%;
     The United States imports of Si (PIN) semiconductor detector counts , the energy resolution is better than 140eV;
    Measuring range :1-30KeV;
    l Repeatability : > 65%> 97% (N of count rate ) ;
    Positive high voltage : 5kV-50kV; pipe flow : 1μA-500μA;
     Vacuum pump rated power : 550W;
     Instrument Rated Power : 50W;
    Overall energy resolution : 145eV;
     Detection time : 120S ~ 600S ( time varies with sample adjusted ) ;
    , high vacuum regionl Vacuum up to 10 seconds, 10-2Pa 10-1-10-5Pa;

     Minimum detection limit : Cd / Cr / Hg / Br / Pb ≤ 5ppm, Cl ≤ 20ppm;
     Instrument Weight : 40Kg;
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