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BT-Zeta100 Zeta potential analyzer

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    BT-Zeta100 Zeta potential analyzer is based on the principle of electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) measurement of the Zeta potential of the nanoparticle material, which not only measures the Zeta potential of the nanoparticles, but also has the function of measuring the nanoparticle size distribution and molecular weight, is a set of particle size, Molecular weight and Zeta potential in one of the high-end nano-particle analysis equipment to fully meet the main physical properties of nanomaterials analysis, in line with a number of ISO international standards.
    BT-Zeta100 using innovative microfluidic technology and adaptive photon-related technology to ensure the instrument's high measurement accuracy and wide measurement range, and applied for a number of invention patents. In addition, the core technologies of the instrument include small light source components, Zeta potential cell with unique structure, high sensitivity photoelectric detection module, high precision temperature control system and optical space modulation module. BT-Zeta100 is a completely independent intellectual property products, its successful development, the end of the Chinese nano-particle Zeta potential analyzer completely rely on the history of imports for China's nano-materials research, production and application of scientific and accurate economic and practical test means, To promote the development of China's nanotechnology is of great significance.
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