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BS-100A Automatic Part Collector

Product ID:SHGCsjq002

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberBS-100A
    The use of fully enclosed environment-friendly polymer high-strength ABS material, injection mold a molding, solid, beautiful;
    35 ° bevel control panel design, ergonomic, easy to bend over can easily control;
    Unique collection of digital design of the disk, each test tube corresponds to a number, to ensure that the test tube to correct the number of tube;
    Collection function: automatic collection, can be arbitrarily selected, the collection does not deviate from the tube, change the positioning accuracy;
    Timing function: collection time, down, at any time to choose, with the specifications of the test tube disk free exchange, no need in place;
    Parameter setting function: can set the parameters, set the first tube, the end of the tube;
    Using JP fluid globe valve, tube tube resistant to organic solvents;
    External trigger function: Dedicated COM interface directly connected to control the use of constant current pump
    Technical Parameters:
    Collect test tubes: 100,
    Each maximum capacity: 12ml,
    Timing collection range: 1 second -24 hours, any choice, power data retention function,
    Save time: ten years.
    Collection disk digital marker design, each test tube corresponds to a digital new microcomputer chip control; LCD Chinese large blue film LCD original very clear display, menu operation, function tips.

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