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Automatic glass thickness tester

Product ID:WHbl004

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  • Brand NameKSXM
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    Model NumberKSXM
    Product profile:
    The equipment is mainly composed of outer frame, inner frame, upper detection mechanism, lower detection mechanism, blocking mechanism, pipeline PCs, touch screen and electric control system.
    Main technical parameters:
    1. The voltage fluctuation range of power supply is ±10% AC 220V/50HZ;
    2. Air pressure source: 0. 5 ~ 0. 5 ~ 0. 7MPa;
    3. Suitable for product size: 600X650x0.1mm one 65X135X0.2mm at a time three at a time (maximum placement size 105x200X0.2)
    4. Action time: 35 seconds / sheet10 seconds / 3 PCS (in 65x135mm)
    5. Range of travel: check the travel distance: 250 mm of Y axis and 50 mm of Z axis;
    6. Accuracy: ±1um
    7. Resolution: 0.1um
    8. Number of detection heads: with 3 sets of detectors, the relative distance between the detection heads can be adjusted, the maximum distance between the detection heads can reach 250 mm;
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