ZR-4030 Disinfection Robot

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    ZR-4030 Disinfection Robot
    It is used for disinfection and sterilization in public places or other necessary places.
    1. Intelligent navigation system
    It integrates various unmanned technologies such as lidar + binocular camera, and has functions such as stable and reliable autonomous walking, human-computer interaction, and autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection. It can automatically, efficiently and accurately sterilize the room according to the set route.
    2. Ultraviolet and hydrogen peroxide double disinfection system
    Ultrasonic atomization disinfection + ultraviolet lamp sterilization and disinfection, the disinfection effect can reach ≥99.9%. Double disinfection gives you the highest level of protection.
    3. Strong battery life
    The running time under full power is more than 3h, the rated life of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is more than 9000h, and the storage capacity of the disinfectant is as high as 10L. The whole machine can be disinfected for a long time.
    4. Good human-computer interaction experience
    Elaborate appearance design, more high-end. The 10.1-inch large display screen provides a better data exchange experience. Intelligent automatic charging function, eliminating the worry of maintenance.
    Technical parameter:
    Dimensions: 530*530*1600 (mm)
    Weight: 100kg (without disinfectant)
    Appearance color: white + black
    Working time (full power): ≥3h
    Movement speed: support 0-1m/s movement speed, three-speed adjustable
    Disinfection method: ultrasonic atomization disinfection + ultraviolet lamp sterilization and disinfection
    Navigation method: lidar + binocular camera
    The maximum power of the whole machine: 550W
    Automatic charging: support
    Display: 10.1 inches
    UV intensity (at 1 meter): 75 μW/cm² x 4
    Atomization device: 2 sets of atomization generators, 3 mist outlets, the mist volume of the mist outlet can reach 66ml/min, adjustable in two gears
    Disinfection efficiency: Hydrogen peroxide dry mist sterilization rate: ≥99.9%
    UV sterilization rate: >99.9%
  • Introduction:
    It is used for disinfection and sterilization in public places or other necessary places.
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