YD-2508 Rotary Slicer

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    YD-2508 Rotary Slicer
     The rotary slicer is an improved version of the original YD-1508 series based on the needs of our customers at home and abroad. The machine can directly use disposable blades, and wide and narrow disposable blades can be used, which is convenient and simple. Advanced technology - precision ball cross guide pair, lightweight, wear-free, maintenance-free. The holder of the rotary slicer can be moved back and forth, left and right, and the sample holder can be changed by itself. The steel knife seat and the disposable knife holder can be interchanged. The right-hand sliced ​​handwheel can be locked with one hand at any point, and the hand can be used without the need to leave the handwheel, making the rotary slicer operator more convenient. In addition to ordinary soft tissue sections, it is especially suitable for hard tissue sections such as plastics, fibers, bones, plants, hair and silk. The tool holder is processed by a special process, and it does not stick or roll when sliced.
    Technical Parameters:
    Slice range: 1-25μm, 1-30um, arbitrarily adjust slice thickness serial slices
    Slice adjustment small division value: 1μm
    Slice accuracy: ± 5%
    Section section: 50 × 30mm (50 × 40mm, 60 × 40mm)
    Size: 400 × 350 × 350mm
    (Computer quick freezing, paraffin sectioning, dual-use)
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