XFA6130 animal blood cell analyzer

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    Model NumberXFA6130
    1. Using time counting and advanced waveform analysis technology, combined with high-speed data acquisition and powerful data processing system to ensure accurate and effective measurement.
    2. Mature and stable pipeline design combined with advanced sweeping technology to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.
    3. Using high voltage erosion and unique positive pressure recoil technology to minimize the probability of plugging.
    4. Floating landmark algorithm and abnormal prompt function can effectively help users identify and screen abnormal blood samples.
    5. A variety of report format options to meet different types of hospital requirements.
    6. The medical device can be equipped with different modes such as whole blood, pre-dilution and puncture.
    7. The system can measure 12 kinds of animals: "dog", "cat", "monkey", "rat", "cow", "sheep", "pig", "horse", plus any "class A", " Set and edit the reference values ​​of the four types of animals of Class B, Class C, and Class D.
    8. The instrument is equipped with a variety of quality control modes and user calibration mode to effectively ensure the reliability of the equipment.
    9. 8-inch 256-color 800x600 TFT color LCD screen, effectively protecting the friendly man-machine interface.
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Working principle: WBC, RBC, PLT adopt the principle of electrical impedance, and HGB adopts the principle of photoelectric colorimetry without cyanide reagent.
    2. Measurement speed: not less than 60 samples/hour.
    3, detection parameters: white blood cell triad, 22 parameters (including WBC, RBC, PLT histogram).
    4, the amount of specimen: whole blood 13μL, pre-dilution 20μL.
    5, working mode: dual channel automatic counting detection.
    6. Calibration method: manual calibration or automatic calibration with matching calibrator and fresh blood.
    7. Cleaning method: positive pressure recoil and intelligent automatic cleaning.
    8, storage results: can store 20,000 cases.
    9, display: 8 inch 256 color 800x600TFT color LCD display.
    10, interface: RS232 serial port, PS2 keyboard port, printer interface, USB interface.
    11, print report: support eight kinds of report mode selection, automatic built-in switch between thermal printing and external pin printing.
    12, working environment: power supply AC 198V-244V, 50Hz ± 1Hz; temperature 10-35 ° C, humidity ≤ 85%.
    13, animal measurement categories: can measure "dog", "cat", "monkey", "rat", "cow", "sheep", "pig", "horse", can be set "A class", " Class B animals, Class B, Class D, and Class D animals.
    Testing items (22 items in total):
    Total white blood cells WBC Number of lymphocytes LY
    Number of monocytes MO Number of granulocytes GR
    Percentage of lymphocytes LY Monocyte percentage MO
    Percentage of granulocytes GR    
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