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WX-4F-B Intelligent microbial limit detector

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    Model NumberWX-4F-B
    Brief introduction:
    The WX-4F-B quadruple intelligent microbiological limit tester produced by Huadan Company accords with the GB/T 8538-2008 testing method of natural mineral water for drinking water, and accords with the test standard for bacteria in the 2015 edition of Pharmacopoeia. Four samples can be detected simultaneously, which can be used for microbial limit test and aseptic inspection of pharmaceutical purified water, water for injection and liquid preparation, and total number of bacteria for food and beverage, mineral water and purified water. The total number of bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the water quality of disease control and control, the water samples of all kinds of microbes needed to be tested in chemical industry, and the solid suspended matter in the water of environmental monitoring station and sewage treatment plant were determined.
    Performance features:
    1, The imported gas-liquid mixing pump can be discharged directly without collecting the bottle, which saves the trouble of often inserting and pulling out the liquid from the waste liquid bottle;
    2. The ultrafine stainless steel metal powder sintered filter is adopted to ensure the microorganism retention is uniform;
    3. Four samples can be filtered at the same time, or any one or more of them can be filtered separately.
    4. The four switches can be controlled automatically. When there is no sample, it can be closed automatically. When there is a sample, it can be opened automatically without manual opening and closing.
    5. Stainless steel shell is polished by mirror, the surface is smooth and smooth, no dead angle remains, easy to clean and disinfect;
    6. Stainless steel cup built-in laser printing text scale, convenient for laboratory personnel quantitative;
    7. The method of sterilizing microorganism limit tester can sterilize filter head and filter cup by wet heat and dry heat, or use flame sterilizing gun to sterilize the filter head directly, and the sterilizing of a single filter can be completed in 3 seconds.
    8, The filter can be removed quickly, gently inserted into the base can be jammed seal, press the base can be popped out
    9. The filter cup is equipped with the upper cover of the bacterial filter hole. The instrument can be used for both open and complete filtration, microbial limit inspection and aseptic inspection.
    10, filter capacity 100/300/500ml optional, use filter membrane diameter 35/47/50/60mm optional
    11.Different from the market in the use of clasp, spring clip, rotating thread and other cumbersome sealing, this product is imported from Germany machining technology, the surface accuracy of 0.005mm, filter head surface without gasket, The filter can be completely sealed by easily fastening the filter cup, and the filter membrane analysis can be removed by picking up the filter cup, which greatly improves the efficiency of the experiment.
    12, Standard set of eight filter cups, can be recycled, our company produces MD-36 box rapid magnetothermal photoelectric sterilizer, the filter can be completed within 5 minutes of sterilization, so as to truly achieve the continuous testing of multiple samples by the experimenter.
    13, Touchable LCD screen, monitor the working parameters of the instrument completely, and can realize the time stop operation
    14.The vacuum pressure can be adjusted, the filtration is completed, easy to take the film under pressure
    15.Overall length, width and height 600*320*450MM
    16.Weighing 8 KG.  
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