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UM-5 series high-end thickness gauge

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    Model NumberUM-5
    UM-5 series high-end thickness gauge
    The UM-5 series ultrasonic thickness gauge developed and produced by our factory adopts the principle of ultrasonic measurement to emit sound waves from one side of the workpiece to the material, and to perform real-time digital measurement of the thickness without cutting the workpiece to be tested. An ultra-small measuring instrument. It measures quickly, without damage, and accurately. And the instrument provides A and B scanning functions. The echo display can help the user to better control the measurement, make the thickness measurement wider, the measurement value is more accurate, and avoid the material-related errors in the measurement.
           The instrument can be widely used in manufacturing, metal processing, aerospace, railway transportation, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing fields. In addition to the accurate measurement of various plates and various machined parts, it is also possible to monitor various pipes and pressure vessels in production equipment and monitor their degree of corrosion after corrosion during use. Essential equipment.
    1. Real-time color A-scan
     The user can see the color ultrasonic signal waveform directly on the screen, which is crucial for the need to verify that the thickness reading is correct. In many cases, it will cause incorrect thickness readings or even no readings. It is easy to find the problem according to the waveform. Then, according to the waveform, only the gain (GAIN), blanking (BLANKING), and gate (GATE) parameters need to be properly adjusted. The correct thickness reading is available.
    2. The height of the gate is adjustable
       Only when the echo is higher than the gate, the instrument considers that the echo is received before the measured value is obtained. The importance of adjustable gate height can be seen, especially in applications that respond to low echo signals (such as ultra-thin plates and ultra-thick plates).
     3. Red arrow
    The A-scan mode has a red arrow indicating the measurement point and the thickness reading is the abscissa of the point. It helps to determine if the thickness reading is correct. When measuring correctly, the red arrow should point to the front end of the first bottom echo.
    4. Gain adjustment
         Adjust the magnification of the instrument to the echo signal, allowing manual increase or decrease in units of ldb. This function is very effective for measuring sound attenuating materials such as metal castings.
    5. Blanking function
         Invalidating the waveform in the range of the red blanking strip can abandon the harmful clutter that affects the measurement, such as noise caused by rough surface or internal unevenness.
    6. Real-time color B-scan
          The UM-5 series thickness gauges feature a real-time B-scan function. A cross-sectional view of the workpiece along the path of the probe is displayed for viewing the underlying contour of the workpiece being tested. It also automatically captures the minimum value on a B-scan image, with the red triangle indicating the position of the minimum. You can also view the thickness value at any point on the B-scan image by moving the pointer.
    7. Larger memory and more convenient storage function
         It can store 100,000 thickness values ​​and 1000 A and B scan waveforms. Waveform and thickness values ​​can be mixed in the same file. With grid storage file, one screen can display 15 thickness values ​​and display them in the grid at the same time. The location allows users to view the stored thickness data; USB 2.0 Full Speed ​​interface, powerful DataView data statistics and management software.
    Technical Parameters:
    Display 2.4QVGA (320 × 240) color OLED screen, contrast 10000:1
    Working principle Ultrasonic pulse/echo method and echo/echo using dual crystal probe
    Standard mode range 0.6 to 508 mm (0.025 to 20.00 inches) depends on the probe used, the material being tested and the surface condition
    Coating mode range 3-80mm depending on probe, material, surface condition and temperature
    Measuring resolution 0.01 or 0.1mm (0.001 or 0.01in),
    Storage can store 400 files, 100,000 thickness values ​​and 1000 A, B scan waveforms
    Unit mm or inch
    Gain real-time adjustable
    Calibration mode One point calibration, two point calibration
    Indication error ±0.05mm (25mm or less) ±0.2% H (100mm or less) ±0.5% H (100mm or more) Note: H is the thickness of the measured object
    Measurement update frequency 4HZ, 8HZ, 16HZ per second optional
    Material sound velocity range 500-9999m/s, 0.0179-0.3937in/us
    Indication stability Using zero-crossing measurement techniques, thickness measurements are unaffected by echo intensity material attenuation coefficients, gain, and gate height for high measurement stability and accuracy.
    Repeatability ±0.05mm
    Gain real-time adjustable
    Display mode Thickness value mode, min/max capture mode, difference/reduction mode
    V path correction V sound path correction to compensate for the nonlinearity of the dual crystal probe
    Working languages ​​Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French can choose five languages
    Alarm setting Maximum/minimum alarm, dynamically change thickness reading color when alarming
    Power supply 1.5V AA battery
    Operating time Two AA batteries, more than 35 hours of use
    The instrument is turned off. It can be automatically turned off after 5, 10, 20 minutes without operation, or can only be turned off manually.
    Operating temperature -10 ° C ~ +50 ° C, with special requirements up to -20 ° C
    Dimensions 153mm × 76mm × 37mm (H × W × D)
    Weight 280g (with battery)
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