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TR 8100Z heavy metal analyzer integrated machine

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    Model NumberTR 8100Z
    TR 8100Z heavy metal analyzer integrated machine
    TR 8100Z multi-parameter water quality rapid measuring instrument can quickly determine the parameters of heavy metals (copper, nickel, zinc, iron, total chromium, hexavalent chromium) in water. With a full touch interface design, simple and generous. The fixed multi-channel optical path design mode can automatically switch the light source channel to make the light source more stable and eliminate the error factors of traditional manual rotation. The detection process adopts the digestion colorimetric integrated tube design, and the data reading is directly performed without transferring the liquid, so that the user detection process is simpler.
    The instrument is developed based on the authoritative certification method. The detection principle of each parameter is in line with the environmental protection industry approval method. The instrument is characterized by rapid detection, simple operation and low cost. It is widely used in waste water detection in emergency monitoring, sewage treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, hospital wastewater, food, printing and dyeing industries, and can also be applied to wastewater research and research in research institutes, colleges and universities.
    1. Touch design: large screen touch screen display and operation, direct data reading, simple and time-saving operation.
    2, a wide range of detection: can expand dozens of detection parameters, customized according to demand.
    3, the light source advantage: the use of imported cold light source, good optical performance, no need to preheat, life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.
    4, operational intelligence: intelligent operating procedures, guide users to easily complete the operation.
    5. Diversification of test methods: Standard measurement or continuous measurement mode can be selected, which can be freely selected between rapidity and accuracy.
    6, operation safety: the use of digestion colorimetric tube, the measurement is simple, fast and safe.
    7, fast printing: built-in printer, can print current data and historical measurement data.
    8, data processing: memory standard working curve and 96 user-defined curves, can store 30,000 test data.
    9, professional testing: supporting special testing reagents, reducing user operations as much as possible, making testing more accurate.
    10. Low cost of use: low consumables and low dosage.
    Technical Parameters:
    Measurement parameters: copper; nickel; zinc; iron; total chromium; hexavalent chromium
    Measuring range: 0-10 mg / L; 0-4 mg / L; 0-15 mg / L; 0-50 mg / L; 0-5 mg / L; 0-5 mg / L
    Lower limit of detection: 0.05 mg/L; 0.1 mg/L; 0.05 mg/L; 0.01 mg/L; 0.01 mg/L; 0.01 mg/L
    Measurement error: ≤± 5%
    Repeatability: ≤±5%
    Optical stability: ≤±0.001A/20 minutes (100,000 hours life)
    Colorimetric method: colorimetric tube (digestion colorimetric tube)
    Batch processing capacity: 16 pieces, 25 pieces (optional)
    Data processing: 30000 test records, 96 curves (support user-defined calibration)
    Transmission method: USB data cable, LAN, etc.
    Printer: Built-in thermal printer
    Operation interface: Chinese / English (optional)
    Display: 7-inch color touch screen
    Power supply mode: AC (220V ± 10%), 50Hz
    Power: 5W
    Host size: 348mm*250mm*145mm
    Instrument weight: Host: 2.6kg; digestion instrument: 6kg
    Ambient temperature: 5~40°C
    Ambient humidity: ≤85% without condensation
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