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TBP 1010 Constant Flow Pump

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    Model NumberTBP 1010
      TBP series constant flow pump’s pipeline and pump head is made of 316L stainless steel which is resistant to organic solvents. This series constant flow pump is mainly used in the domains of metal, chemical engineering, pharmacy, biology, biochemistry, food and etc. It satisfies the demands of liquid delivery in institutes and enterprise units in the domains above-mentioned.
    Dual Self Flushing Pump Heads for Reduced Pulsation
    Dual ball and High Quality Plunger for Consistent and Precise Flow Performance
    Real-time pressure monitoring.
    Simple Front Panel Key Pad Controls with Big LED Display
    Overvoltage protection and Flow Correction System
    Materials resistant to chemicals used, including organic solvents
    Stainless Steel or PEEK Fluid Path
    Prime Purge Valve
    RS-232 Serial Com Port for Complete Control & Status Monitoring
    Chromatography analysis
    Organic synthesis
    Botanic chemistry
    Fine chemistry
    Pharmaceutical chemistry
    Life science
    Environment protection
    Control System Software
    Real-time Display of Current Pressure, Set Pressure and Set Flow Rate
    Real-time Display In Curve of Working Pressure
    Operation via Computer
    Timing Function For The Facility of Working Time Setting
    Function of Saving Current Working Pressure For Checking
    Function of Printing Important Parameters Such As Current Pressure
Analytical instruments
Physical property test
Environmental monitoring and analysis
Lab general equipment
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