SZF-06C fat analyzer

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    Model NumberSZF-06C
    SZF-06C fat analyzer
    SZF-06C fat analyzer is developed by our company to introduce new fat measurement technology and combine with China's national conditions. SZF-06C fat analyzer is reasonable in design, stable in performance, labor-saving and time-saving. The measurement results are in line with national standards, and all indicators and performances meet the requirements of imported similar products. SZF-06C fat analyzer is an ideal equipment for measuring fat in food, grease, feed and other industries.
    SZF-06C fat analyzer mainly consists of three parts: heating extraction, solvent recovery and cooling. When the SZF-06C fat analyzer is operated, the heating temperature can be adjusted according to the boiling point of the reagent and the ambient temperature. The sample is repeatedly soaked and extracted during the extraction process to achieve rapid measurement.
    Technical Parameters
    1. Measurement range: grain, feed, oil and various fat products with oil content in the range of 0.5%-60%.
    2. Determination of samples: 6;
    3. Power supply voltage: 220V+10V frequency 50Hz;
    4, electric heating power: 500W;
    5, temperature control range: room temperature +5oC-300oC
    6, the size of the dimensions: 550 × 320 × 626;
    7. Weight: 23kg.

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