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SPX-100B-Z biochemical incubator

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  • Model NumberSPX-100B-Z
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    SPX-100B-Z biochemical incubator
    It is mainly used for the static cultivation and preservation of bacteria, molds, fungi and other microorganisms. It has a refrigeration system and a temperature rise system, which can realize the two-way regulation of refrigeration and heating, control the temperature stability, and provide a stable temperature environment for various experiments. It is widely used in biological pharmacy, food, inspection and detection, inspection and quarantine, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, environmental protection, scientific research and other fields. It is mainly used for microorganism culture, insect culture, sample preservation, thermostatic reaction and other experiments.
    1. The shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, with electrostatic spraying on the surface, stainless steel tank mirror, and the shelf can be adjusted at will;
    2. PMMA I operating system is adopted, with high temperature control accuracy and stable performance;
    3. With temperature and time adjustment control, touch mode keyboard setting adjustment;
    4. The display is double screen high brightness digital tube display, with accurate and intuitive indication and superior performance;
    5. It has timing and timing functions;
    6. The studio is equipped with lighting devices, and large angle of view is insulated and vacuum tempered glass for easy observation;
    7. It has the function of parameter memory and call recovery for data loss protection due to power failure and crash.
    8. Reference standard GB/T 28851-2012
    Technical parameters:
    Model: SPX-100B-Z
    Temperature control range: 0-50
    Resolution: 0.1
    Fluctuation: ± 1 (heating), ± 2 (cooling)
    Uniformity: ± 2 (at 37 )
    Input power: 300W
    Timing range: 0-999h
    Tank size (mm): 450 × three hundred and eighty × five hundred and eighty-five
    Overall dimension (mm): 580 × five hundred and seventy × one thousand and seventy
    Load carrier (standard configuration/maximum): 2/3 pieces
    Freight information:
    Gross weight (kg): 73
    Net weight (kg): 62
    Outer package size (mm) × wide × Height: 680 × six hundred and seventy × one thousand two hundred and forty

  • This product is mainly used for microorganism culture, insect culture, sample preservation, thermostatic reaction and other experiments.
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