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SP-2100A gas chromatograph

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    Model NumberSP-2100A
    Instrument Description:  
    SP-2100A was developed by the company to strengthen the improvement in
    the original SP-2100 on the new equipment. The instrument is stylish, attractive
    appearance, ergonomic design , easy operation and simple. With full computer
    control, Chinese interface , large screen LCD , stable performance. The instrument
    can be used in routine analysis of environmental protection , environmental
    monitoring , agriculture, petrochemical enterprises in control and detection,
    but also for routine analysis in medicine, health and epidemic prevention
    and research institutions ; it can be converted into a dedicated chromatography
    according to the needs of different users Miriam. 
    1. stylish appearance : the advantage of retaining the original structure is simple,
    the use of modern industrial design, exquisite colors and lines with the use of
    color and shape of the product so that humanization
    2. Simple : The instrument uses large-screen LCD display, full Chinese user

    interface, user-friendly use ; screen switching is simple, all electrical equipment
    and fault control parameter settings are displayed , allows the operator in a very
    short period of time within the grasp of the instrument using the method
    3. Self- diagnostic function : When turned on each part of the instrument

    can be self- diagnose electrical units , and timely diagnostic results show
    4. four independent temperature control systems: the oven , injector box ,
    TCD detector box and ionization detector box can be independently
    controlled temperature
    5. Real Zero : Before analysis can be output in real time zero
    6. The fifth-order temperature program : heating rate of 0.1 ~ 30
    / min optional
    7. Injector : You can also install two packed column injector and a capillary injector
    8. The four kinds of detectors to choose from TCD, FID, ECD, FPD

    Technical parameters: 
    TCD sensitivity ≥5000mV.ml / mg (n-C16)
    FID monitoring limit ≤1 × 10-11 g / S (n-C16)
    ECD monitoring limit ≤4 × 10-13 g / S ( HCH )
    FPD [P] monitoring limit ≤5 × 10-12 g / S ( methyl parathion )
    [S] monitoring limit ≤1 × 10-10 g / S ( methyl parathion ) 

    Temperature control 
    Column Box: room temperature above 20 ~ 400
    Temperature rise rate : 1 ~ 30 / mm
    Note sampler box : room temperature above 20
    ~ 400
    Ionization box : room temperature above 20 ~ 400
    TCD detector box : room temperature above 20 ~ 350
    Power supply : AC 220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 0.5Hz 15A
    Dimensions: H × W × D 445 × 550 × 560 (mm3)
    Net weight : about 38Kg

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