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PHSJ-5T laboratory pH meter

Product ID:FDph046

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Supply Ability:50 SETS/MON
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  • Model NumberPHSJ-5T
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  • Features:
    1. Adopt high-definition color LCD touch screen, clear display
    2. Support both Chinese and English
    3. Three resolutions are optional: pH supports 0.001pH, 0.01pH and 0.1pH, mV supports 0.01mV, 0.1mV and 1mV
    4. Optional temperature units: °C and °F.
    5. Support functions such as automatic shutdown, power failure protection and factory reset
    6. Support firmware upgrade function, allowing function expansion and personalized requirements
    7. Support IP54 protection level
    8. Standard high-precision composite pH electrode, temperature electrode, independent electrode holder, dust cover and pH buffer solution in bags
    9. Intelligent operating system, with functions such as method management, electrode management, data management and user management
    10. Support instrument self-check and user hierarchical authority management, support password management
    11. Intelligently determine the end point, support automatic reading, timing reading, timing interval reading, and manual reading
    12. Support automatic temperature compensation
    13. Support pH electrode 1-6 point calibration, ORP electrode 1 point calibration, support pH electrode diagnosis function
    14. Support calibration reminder and mandatory calibration functions, support pH standard solution verification and mandatory verification functions
    15. Support pH calibration and measurement alarm limit setting, support ORP measurement alarm limit setting
    16. It can automatically identify 6 groups of buffer solutions such as GB, DIN, NIST, USA, MERK, JIS, etc., and support custom standard solutions and standard solution groups
    17. Support the connection of automatic sampler to realize automatic measurement and batch detection of samples
    18. Comply with GLP specification, support data storage (1000 sets each), viewing, deletion, statistics, analysis, transmission and printing
    19. Support GMP management, support GMP operation log review, and realize complete traceability and tracking of data
    20. With RS-232 interface, it supports connecting to standard RS-232 serial printers, directly printing the measurement results, and the printing format is optional
    21. With USB interface, connect with PC through special communication software to realize data transmission
    22. Support U disk read and write, support connection of scanner gun
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