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MULTI-6PG micro weather station (photoelectric rain)

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    MULTI-6PG micro weather station (photoelectric rain)
    The MULTI-6P is a micro weather station designed with a compact and lightweight structure that can be used to measure six important meteorological parameters including: wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, and rainfall.
    1. Multi-parameter measurement
    The MULTI-6P micro weather station uses ultrasonic technology to measure wind speed and wind direction. The piezoresistive technology is used to measure atmospheric pressure. The diode junction voltage is used to measure the atmospheric temperature. The humidity is measured by capacitive sensor. The rainfall measurement uses the photoelectric principle. .
    2. High precision and maintenance free
    The sensor has no moving parts and is resistant to contamination and corrosion.
    It works around the clock to accurately measure and provide reliable data without the need for regular maintenance.
    Each meteorological parameter of each device is calibrated by the standard before leaving the factory.
    3. Configurable data output
    Easy signal access and strong compatibility, both digital and analog signals can be provided at the same time;
    The analog signal output supports 1~5V voltage output and 4~20mA current output;
    Digital signal output supports ASCII, SDI-12, MODBUS and NMEA communication protocols;
    The communication protocol can be customized according to customer needs.
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Basic parameters:
    Protection level : IP66
    Digital output: RS485, RS232, baud rate 9600 (optional)
    Analog output: 4-20mA / 1-5V (optional)
    Power supply: 12-30V DC
    Power consumption: 15mA/25mA@12V DC
    2. Wind speed parameters:
    Measuring principle: Ultrasound
    Measuring range: 0-60m/s
    Measurement accuracy: ±0.2m/s or 3% of reading, both of which are large
    Resolution: 0.1m/s
    3. Wind direction parameters:
     Measuring principle: Ultrasound
    Measuring range: 0-360°
    Measurement accuracy: ±3°
    Resolution: 0.1°
    4. Temperature parameters:
    Measuring principle diode junction voltage method
    Measuring range -40°C—80°C
    Measurement accuracy ±0.5°C
    Resolution 0.1 °C
    5. Humidity parameters:
    Measuring principle: Capacitive
    Measuring range 0-100%RH
    Measurement accuracy ±2%RH
    Resolution 0.001
    6. Atmospheric pressure parameters:
    Measuring principle : Piezoresistive
    Measuring range: 10-1100hpa
    Measurement accuracy: ±0.5hpa
    Resolution: 0.1hpa
    7. Rainfall parameters:
    Measuring principle: Photoelectric
    Measuring range: 0-200mm/h
    Measurement accuracy: 4%
    Resolution: 0.1mm/h
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