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Labsolar-6A all-glass automatic online trace gas analysis system

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    Labsolar-6A all-glass automatic online trace gas analysis system 
    1. Glass valve + automatic actuator, global innovation with both air tightness and efficiency;
    2. Integrated control program, easy to operate, and scientifically accurate;
    3. The test is fast and efficient, and the single sampling takes only 10 minutes;
    4. Excellent compatibility, micro gas detection by photochemical, electrochemical, PEC photoelectrochemical reaction, etc. can be realized by replacing different reactors.
    Application area:
    Photocatalytic decomposition of water to produce hydrogen/oxygen
    Photocatalytic total decomposition water
    Photocatalytic CO2 reduction
    Photocatalytic quantum efficiency measurement
    PEC photoelectrochemistry
    Photothermal catalysis (negative pressure and pressure system)
    Photodegrading gaseous pollutants (such as VOCs, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc.) ○ Membrane photocatalysis
    Technical Parameters:
    Vacuum degree
    Absolute vacuum: ≤1.5KPa, absolute pressure indication, to avoid large numerical fluctuation caused by changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, etc.
    Air tightness
    Leakage rate: ≤ 5 × 10 -5 Pa • L / s, 24h oxygen leakage ≤ 1μmol;
    Multi-pass composite valve to reduce the system volume, the main valve sensor automatically prompts to replace the vacuum grease;
    Valve process: All valves are made of high borosilicate glass (no metal parts), and the valve plug and valve sleeve are made by grinding and grinding;
    Cycle efficiency
    The high-efficiency plunger pump provides excellent cycle driving force in negative pressure (photohydrogen production hydrogen test), micro-negative pressure, and atmospheric pressure (carbon dioxide reduction test). Exhaust volume: 6ml / time;
    Volume: The volume of the system circulation pipeline is about 65mL (excluding ball cooling and reactor), and the system has strong enrichment ability;
    Inner diameter: circulation line, including the loop, the narrowest pipeline has an inner diameter of 3mm, and the gas resistance is small (to prevent the gas circulation efficiency caused by the inner diameter of the pipeline is extremely small);
    The circulation system has a one-way valve structure to achieve one-way circulation of all pipelines (including the reactor section);
    Linearity and repeatability
    Linear regression degree of standard curve: R2>0.9995 when the hydrogen content in the system is in the range of 100uL~10mL; three samples of the same concentration, RSD≤3%.
    Software and control unit
    The main body integrates a 4.5-inch TFF color liquid crystal display with a control program;
    At the same time, it supports two modes of online automatic control and manual independent control;
    In the automatic control mode, the valve position can be displayed in real time, with a safety protection warning function;
    Built-in instrument method, only need to set the sampling period and sampling times when using, the operation is simple;
    It has a two-level encryption debugger for device debugging, internal method setting and flexible use by experienced users.
    Other structure
    The loop is made of borosilicate glass and is located on a multi-pass sampling valve (non-chromatographic sampling valve);
    Metal protection box, which has certain protective effect on system glass components, radiation and possible reaction gas leakage, and has multiple independent/sampler with independent intellectual property rights;
    Vacuum silicone hose, good aging resistance, reduce system vibration, reduce the impact of vacuum pump work on the system;
    Multi-functional quantitative buffer gas cylinder device; (for system volume calibration and storage of reaction gas such as carbon dioxide)
    The input and output parts are optically isolated and have strong anti-interference ability;
    Portable installation-free system; (no need to provide oxygen, liquefied gas, on-site open flame burning).
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