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KH-3000 plus universal TLC scanner

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  • Model NumberKH-3000 plus
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    KH-3000 plus universal TLC scanner
    KH-3000Plus universal TLC scanner, integrates automatic thin layer chromatography scanner, automatic strip point like instrument, thin layer image analysis system, and greatly enhance the workstation control function, can control the automatic expansion instrument, automatic quantitative spray system, thin layer in derivative TLC peripheral equipment and other TLC peripheral apparatus, can complete the automatic thin layer chromatography analysis process.
    1. Has a photoelectric and image two detector, can be scanned and the image data, the world's leading;
    2. Can be used to guide the thin layer chromatogram scanning, automatic tracking, faster, more accurate results;
    3. Fast scanning speed, accuracy quantitation, supports a variety of scan mode;
    4. Highly operable, easy operation;
    5. Highly automated, can control the automatic expansion instrument, automatic quantitative spray system, thin layer into derivatives such as thin layer chromatography instrument.
    6. Can strip sample, and automatically by TLC scanning program;
    Technical parameters
    1. Methods of measurement: reflection absorptio, reflection fluorescence, transmission absorption, transmission fluorescence, chemiluminescence;
    2. Spectral range:  (continuous adjustable);
    3. Source: tungsten halogen lamp, deuterium lamp, mercury lamp (switch);
    4. Monochromator: holographic grating (1200 /mm), nitrogen purge function support;
    5. Spectral bandwidth: 5nm, 10nm, 20nm optional;
    6. Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5nm; wavelength reproducibility: better than 0.1nm;
    7. The minimum displacement resolution is: 10~25 um;
    8. Imaging wavelength: 254nm, 365nm, white light (automatic control);
    8. Measuring platform: 200mm * 200mm chromatographic plate (can be customized 300 x 200mm);
    9. Scanning speed: 0~120mm/s;
    10. D/A conversion: 24 bits A/D, eight channel, 2us, 2 conversion;
    11. Measurement of room lighting: Standard 254, 365nm * 8W, white light can be selected;
    12. Standard filter: K320, K370, K400, K540, 8 position filter, filter wavelength can be customized;
    13. Slit size: length 0-16mm, width 0-3mm, continuous variable, any combination, computer automatic control, with a color correction micro/macro lens;
    14. Detector: photo multiplier tube, CCD image detector;
    15. Data collection: data acquisition speed 30000DPS, data transmission: 2000000baud;
    16. Scan mode: linear, linear - flying point scan, zigzag scan;
    17. Operating system: WIN2000/XP/7/VISTA;
    18. Power interface: USB interface 220V 300W;

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