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JY-5601A high content of oxygen transmitter

Product ID:ZXYFX006

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberJY-5601A
    Widely used in large-scale air separation of high purity oxygen, medical and industrial oxygen generator, smelting industry, health care, petrochemicals, environmental protection, electronic power industry in real-time detection and analysis of high concentrations of oxygen.
    Measuring principle: ion current (limit current)
    Technical Parameters:
           Display: 64 × 48 dot matrix OLED
           Measuring range: 10.00% ~ 98.00% O2
           Resolution: 0.01%
           Measurement accuracy: ≤ ± 1% FS
           Repeatability: ≤ ± 1%
           Response time: T90≤30S
           Analog output: 4-20mA.DC (non-isolated output, load resistance less than 500 ohms)
                             2 programmable dry contact type passive alarm output, the maximum contact capacity of 220VAC / 2A
           Communication Interface: RS485
           Power supply: DC24V
           Sample temperature: -10 ~ +50
           Sample gas flow: 300 ~ 600ml / min
           Sample gas pressure: 0.05Mpa≤ inlet pressure≤0.35Mpa, the atmosphere
           Background gas: N2, inert gas and other mixed gas
           Humidity: <80% RH
           Size: 110mm × 99mm × 45mm (H × W × D)
           Hole size: 96mm × 25mm (H × W)
           Air connection: Φ6 push-in connector (sensor built-in)
           Life:> 3 years (under normal conditions of use)
           Installation: wall-mounted
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