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IV6400 Automatic Ubbelohde Viscometer

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    IV6400 Automatic Ubbelohde Viscometer
    IV6400 automatic Ubbelohde viscometer does not require personnel management process: automatic measurement - automatic cleaning - automatic drying;
     Say goodbye to the era when the U-type viscosity tube is a consumable.
    1. Adopt modular design: IV6000 series automatic viscometer consists of HCT series high-precision constant temperature bath, IV viscosity measurement unit, ALC multifunctional auxiliary measurement module, etc.;
    2. The viscosity measurement unit and the multifunctional auxiliary measurement module adopt a one-to-one method to avoid mutual interference in the measurement process;
    3. Using intelligent near-infrared photoelectric sensors and special detection methods, it can meet the measurement of samples of various colors (including pure black masterbatch);
    4. Adopt stainless steel armored optical fiber system, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and long life;
    5. The constant temperature bath adopts the principle design of double chambers and a unique circulation method, which ensures that the temperature fluctuation and uniformity reach ≤0.01;
    6. Safety: The instrument has high and low bath level alarm functions and over-temperature protection functions;
    7. The temperature control part of the bath and the bath body of the constant temperature bath can be easily separated, which is convenient for cleaning the mixing area of ​​the bath;
    8. The communication between each module is connected by standard UBS data cable;
    9. Measurement method: single point method, serial extrapolation method, parallel extrapolation method;
    10. Using the high-pressure pulse reciprocating automatic cleaning method, even the most difficult-to-wash polymers can be easily cleaned.
    11. Unique drying method, on the premise of ensuring drying effect and efficiency, more environmentally friendly and safer drying reagents can be used for drying;
    12. The waste liquid classification and collection function can avoid the occurrence of adverse chemical reactions, and is conducive to the treatment and recycling of waste liquid;
    13. It has the functions of automatic measurement, automatic drainage, automatic liquid addition, automatic cleaning, automatic drying and soaking;
    14. The instrument can choose different lifting methods according to the characteristics of the sample and solvent to ensure the normal completion of the experiment;
    15. The viscosity measurement software can display the results: intrinsic viscosity value (limit viscosity number), relative viscosity value, reduced viscosity value (viscosity number), Fickentscher's K value, viscosity average molecular weight value, kinematic viscosity value, degree of polymerization, dynamic viscosity value, measurement standard/absolute/percent deviation value, inherent viscosity value (inherent viscosity), time and their average value;
    16. The V1.0 version of Zhuoxiang automatic viscosity multi-function measurement software provides most of the viscosity calculation formulas commonly used in the world: Sulz-Blaschke--Schulz-Blaschke, Hagens--Huggins, Solomon-Ciuta--Solomon-Ciuta, Billmeyer--Billmeyer, Maron--Maron, Martin--Martin, average molecular weight--Mark-Houwink, kinematic viscosity, dynamic viscosity, Fickentscher's K value, Relative viscosity, inherent viscosity (viscosity number), inherent viscosity (inherent logarithmic viscosity);
    17. The software has the function of authority level management to ensure that important experimental data are not modified at will. Data can be inquired, previewed, exported to Excel, printed, counted and other functions. (Free to add self-provided calculation formulas for customers)
    Technical parameter:
    Device model: IV6400
    Measurement time range: 0.01-999.99(s) (extendable to 9999.99S)
    Measurement timing accuracy: ≤0.01s (actual resolution: 0.0001s)
    Viscosity measurement range: 0.3-5000 (mm2/s) (extendable to 50000 mm2/s)
    Test temperature range: 15~65
    Temperature field accuracy and uniformity: ≤±0.01
    Dosage of cleaning and drying liquid: <13ml (single)
    Measurement digits: 4 digits
    Applicable Viscosity Tubes: Ulrich Viscosity Tube, Micro Ulrich Viscosity Tube, Diluted Ulrich Viscosity Tube
    (Comply with ISO3105, GB/T1632-93, ASTM D 446, DIN 51562 standards)
    Applicable test samples: PET, PBT, PBAT, PA, PES, PVC, PAM, PAA, PVDF, ACR, POM, PAAS, HA, PLA, PGA, PLGA, PMMA, PAN, PC, PBAT, PVP, PCL fibers High molecular polymer materials such as vegetarian, polysaccharide and silicone
    Applicable standards: ISO1628 (except 1628-3), ASTM D 4603, ISO307, ASTM D 789, ISO1157, GB/T14190, GB/T17931, GB/T3401, GB/T12006, GB17514, GB/T12005, GB/T28610, GB/T1632, HG/T2234, HG/T3604, HG/T2838, HG/T 2758, Pharmacopoeia and other viscosity test standards.
    Measurement software: support Win7, win8, win10 and XP systems
    Power supply voltage: 220V/50HZ
    Power supply rated power (KW): 1.7
    Dimensions (L*W*H): 1100*600*600mm
  • Introduction:
    IV6400 automatic Ubbelohde viscometer does not require personnel management process: automatic measurement - automatic cleaning - automatic drying; Say goodbye to the era when the U-type viscosity tube is a consumable.
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