Thermal analysis instrument, thermal desorption instrument, thermal desorption instrument
Thermal Desorption Injecting Technology: Place a solid sample or pipette that holds the analyte in the thermal desorption unit, which is connected directly to the chromatograph (also available as a standalone model), and the carrier gas enters through the thermal desorption unit Chromatographic inlet. When the thermal desorption unit is raised in temperature, volatile components are released from the solid sample or adsorbent and passed into the GC system for analysis.
Thermal Desorber: thermal desorption sampling technology of the main equipment.
The thermal desorption device can be a separate thermal desorption device that is not connected to the chromatograph, or it can be desorbed by the trap heating device of the purge-trap sampler, in which case the thermal desorption sample It's a special case of purge-trap injection. The thermal desorption unit can also be attached directly to the inlet of the chromatograph, which in turn can be a special case of a lysis injector.
Thermal desorption is divided into a thermal analysis and secondary thermal analysis. Secondary thermal analysis refers to the first heat desorption of volatile organic compounds and then the second adsorption concentration, and then instantaneous heat desorption into the gas chromatograph, the unit concentration increased greatly increased the sensitivity of the analysis.
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