Machine for making cells or tissue sections. Rotary and slide-type microtome for optical microscopes. An ultramicrotome for electron microscopy uses a glass knife or diamond knife to make ultra-thin sections. Material devices are mechanically propelled and thermally expanded. Cryostats, cryostats, and cryo-ultramicrotomes are used in cryosectioning. Used for hand-slicing cylinder drill (cylinder microtome).
Pulp and Paper Industry: The general form is a cutter-type slicing machine. The heavy cutterhead also acts as a flywheel to stabilize the slicing process. The blades are installed radially along the surface of the disk and protrude about 20mm. The logs are fed to the side of the turntable through the chute. The blades are sliced ​​at an angle to the axis of the logs. The processing capacity is 290m3SUB/h. Usually the length of the wood chips is 24mm, and the diameter of the cutterhead is 3360mm. The speed of the cutterhead is 249rpm. There are 16 blades mounted on the cutterhead, driven by 4 motors. The total power is 4×315kw, and the motor speed is 25rps.
An apparatus for cutting a polymer strip into pellets. The slicing machine is composed of a guide strip, a feed roller, a pressure roller, and a rotary cutter head. The cutter head is driven by a continuously variable transmission. Feed rollers are driven by the cutter head through a set of change gears. The cutter head is equipped with a number of blades in the pellet size. Changing the change gear can change the cut length. Adjusting the CVT can change the only speed of the strip. Slices are cylindrical or rectangular. Most of them use underwater pelletizers. This has the advantage of avoiding the contact of the melt or the chips with oxygen in the air, smoothing the chips, and eliminating the powders produced in the granulation.
2 uses
The main purpose of the use of a slicer is to slice herbs, food, cell tissue, and wax to facilitate them in the next process. Its main uses are as follows:
Food slice
The slicers used in the food industry include: jujube slices; hawthorn slices and other commonly used slicers.
Food slicing machine is suitable for cutting boneless meat and other similar mustard with elastic food, put the original
The meat is cut into meat slices, etc. The machine is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, easy in operation, and high in efficiency.
Low power consumption, easy to clean and maintain, safe and hygienic, uniform meat cutting effect and automatic roll shape, imported Italian blade and belt and exclusive automatic lubrication device, powerful power
It is an indispensable meat processing machine for hotels, restaurants, canteens, and meat processing plants.
Mechanical. The slicing machines used in the catering industry are: beef and mutton slices, etc. These are commonly found on the market.
Some food slicers.
Herbal slices
Such as ginseng slicing machine is specifically designed for ginseng shop, pharmacy, clinics, family cut ginseng, velvet, gastrodia and other reference herbs designed to cut into oblique pieces, horizontal pieces, straight pieces, pieces of uniform thickness, beautiful color. Four blades are mounted on the cutter head, and the thickness can be arbitrarily adjusted. It has the advantages of small size, convenient use, beautiful slices, simple operation, stable quality and long service life. Suitable for ginseng, plant rhizomes and other noble herbs
3 working principle
The working principle of the slicer is relatively simple, that is, by using the sharp section of the slicer, the object and the material are cut into one piece according to the ratio or the width of one point. Applicable to production or pharmaceutical or other uses.
Different methods of microtome slicing are also different. For example, cells or tissues are to be processed during the experiment, which facilitates observation experiments with a microscope. Rotary and slide-type microtome for optical microscopes [1]
In the papermaking industry also need to use a slicer, cutter plate cutter, drum slicer, spiral slicer and so on. Cutter-type slicing machine is composed of cutter plate, housing, feeding slot and transmission device. The working principle is to use a heavy cutter head to function as a flywheel and stabilize the slicing.
Another is to cut the polymer strips into granules. This requires a special slicing machine consisting of guide strips, feed rollers, pressure rollers, and rotating cutters. The working principle is: the use of the cutter plate is driven by a continuously variable transmission, the feed roller is driven by the cutter plate through a set of change gears, and the cutter plate is equipped with a plurality of blades according to the grain size. It is possible to change the gear change by itself to change the cut length and the CVT can change the only speed of the strip.
Type 4
The five basic types of microtome can be divided into:
(1) Rocking slicer
(2) Rotary microtome
(3) Sliding slicing machine
(4) Push type (sled type) slicer
(5) Frozen slicer.
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