Preparation of liquid chromatography
brief introduction
The English name preparative liquid chromatograph, is about to increase the injection volume of the analytical chromatogram and come up with a large amount of the desired material (fraction), the purpose of which is to obtain the pure substance from the mixture.
Preparation of liquid chromatography refers to the use of liquid chromatography technology to prepare pure substance, that is, to separate and collect one or more chromatographic pure substance. The concept of "preparation" in preparative liquid chromatography refers to obtaining a sufficient amount of a single compound to satisfy research and other uses. The emergence of preparative liquid chromatography, the liquid chromatography technology and economic interests have been linked. Preparation of the size and cost level is the preparation of liquid chromatography two important indicators.
According to the operation of the sample is divided into three types: semi-preparation (≤ 100mg), preparation (0.1-100g), large-scale preparation (≥ 100g). Column diameter is generally greater than 2 cm, mainly for industrial production.
Application areas
Scientific research and industrialization of large-scale production, especially in chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, industrial pre-treatment steps, the application is very common.
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Environmental monitoring and analysis
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