Optical direct reading spectrometer
Optical direct reading spectrometer

Optical direct reading spectrometer is also known as the spark source atomic emission spectrometer, the principle used is the high temperature of the spark so that the sample elements in the gas directly from the solid and is excited to emit the characteristic wavelength of each element, the grating after splitting, Become the "spectrum" arranged by wavelength, the characteristic spectral line of these elements passes through the exit slit, irradiates the corresponding photomultiplier tube photocathode, the optical signal becomes an electrical signal, and the electrical signal is integrated by the control measuring system of the instrument and carried out A / D conversion, and then processed by the computer to calculate the percentage of each element.

The core components include light source, spectroscopy system, detector and so on.

Today, optical direct reading spectroscopy has become a proven analytical technology with features such as simple sample processing, high analysis speed, high analysis accuracy and simultaneous multi-element analysis. Almost all steel, non-ferrous metal, foundry and machining Enterprises, as well as other industries that use metals and their alloys for processing, use optical direct reading spectrometers for production processes and product quality control.

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