Microwave moisture analyzer
Microwave moisture analyzer
Instrument principle
Microwave is a kind of high-frequency electromagnetic wave. The attenuation and phase change caused by microwave transmission medium are mainly determined by the dielectric constant of the medium and the tangent of the dielectric loss angle. Water is a polar molecule, and the dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent of water are much higher than those of general media. In general, the dielectric constant and loss tangent of an aqueous medium are mainly determined by its moisture content. The microwaves are emitted from the microwave emission source of the lower arm of the C-frame of the UM microwave moisture meter located under the conveyor belt. After passing through the belt and the material, the microwaves are received by the microwave receiver on the upper arm of the C-frame at the upper end of the belt. According to the attenuation of microwave power and the change of phase displacement, the moisture content in the material can be calculated.
Since microwaves completely penetrate the process material, all physical moisture can be measured. This applies not only to the surface moisture, but also to the internal moisture. This technology guarantees high measurement accuracy and accuracy of the device, and the color and surface structure of the material will not affect the measurement results.
Instrument application
By applying this technology to the detector, an on-line microwave moisture detector was developed. Compared to traditional infrared technology, infrared detectors. Its advantages are obvious. For example, in the detection of pulverized coal, the detection range of infrared detectors is very limited, but microwaves can penetrate all pulverized coals. This ensures the accuracy of the test. Almost all solids can be tested for water content. It is a non-contact moisture tester with high reliability. It is sturdy and durable, with fast response and good measurement accuracy. It is designed to measure the moisture of the product continuously during the production process. Another major feature of the line microwave moisture analyzer is the choice of a penetration mode or reflection mode measurement. Can be widely used in coal, sintering (pill) mixture, iron ore, chemicals, bauxite, nickel, sugar, tobacco, bagasse, grain, silicon, wood, wool, food, sand, polymer, cotton And other non-conductive materials.
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