Mercury Analyzer
Mercury Analyzer

Mercury vapourmeter (mercury vapour analyzer) is a high-sensitivity instrument for atomic absorption spectrometry of mercury measurement. In some metal ore deposits, the mercury anomaly in the air is often as low as several to several tens of ng/m3. The original method of mercury measurement cannot detect such weak anomalies. In recent years, the mercury analyzer has been successfully studied and its sensitivity can be Reach l ng/m3.
It is designed using the characteristics that mercury vapor can strongly absorb the 253.7 nm spectral line. The instrument consists of a mercury lamp that emits a 253.7 nm line, a gas absorption chamber, and optoelectronic amplification and measurement devices. Gas samples entering the absorption chamber, such as those containing traces of mercury, will pass through the absorption chamber and the light will be partially absorbed by mercury. The amount of mercury in the gas can be measured based on the degree of light attenuation.
Instrument classification
Sulfur dioxide and many rare gases are adjacent to the 253.7 nm line. A significant absorption of the lines. As a result, serious interference occurs. Due to the different methods of eliminating interference, various types of mercury analyzers have been designed and manufactured.
For example: 1 use of precious metal traps to retain mercury, so that the interference gas escape; 2 sample gas flow is divided into two strands of mercury in a strand of prior removal, and then compare the output of the same light source through the two absorption chambers; 3 Using pressure-induced broadening effect, the light passing through the absorption chamber is divided into two strands, one strand is passed through the saturated mercury vapor chamber, and then the ratio of the intensity of the two strands of transmitted light is measured; 4 The Zeeman effect is used to compare the light source The ratio of light intensity through the absorption chamber when the magnetic field is applied and when no magnetic field is applied. According to practical requirements, instruments for measuring mercury continuously in automobiles and airplanes, and portable backpack-type mercury analyzers capable of on-site measurement have been manufactured.

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