Laser induced breakdown spectrometer
Laser induced breakdown spectrometer
The main principle

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is an elemental analysis technique based on atomic emission spectroscopy and laser plasma emission spectroscopy.

High-energy-density pulsed lasers are used to induce breakdown of the surface of the material to ionize trace samples on the surface of the material to produce laser-induced plasmas that contain linear spectra and background information that carry abundant sample element information Continuous spectroscopy, based on the linear reflectance of elemental information, allows for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the elements contained in the sample.

LIBS detection of material composition requires only laser to the sample surface optical process, unlike the chemical detection technology required for complex chemical reaction process. Compared with other optical detection methods, such as laser spectroscopy (laser Raman spectroscopy, laser absorption spectroscopy, etc.), this method is simple in experimental method and real-time on-line multi-element analysis.
History and current situation

As early as 1962, Brech and Cross first proposed the use of laser as the excitation source of atomic emission spectrometry in the Tenth International Symposium on Spectroscopy, and applied elemental atomic emission spectrometry to the determination of elemental constituents in solid, gaseous and liquid matrices. Is the predecessor of LIBS technology.

After more than 40 years of development, LIBS technology has matured and has penetrated into more and more research and application fields. In the fields of environmental pollution testing, biomedicine, on-line testing of material composition, soil composition testing, space exploration, military explosives detection and Heritage identification and many other fields have been widely used. In recent years, with the development of related fields such as laser technology and spectrum detection technology, LIBS technology has also made great strides.

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