Ion thinning instrument
The technique of bombarding a solid surface with a certain energy ion to change the physical and chemical properties of the solid near surface layer includes ion implantation, ion beam mixing, ion sputtering, and ion etching. Ion implantation is the "injection" of an ion into a solid, changing the chemical composition and solid structure of the near-surface solid layer. Ion implantation techniques are used for semiconductor doping and surface modification of metals and other materials. Ion beam mixing is the use of ion bombardment of a metal plated with a multilayer film, so that the atoms in each layer are intermixed due to ion collisions, and are mainly used for metallurgical research. Ion sputtering is used in addition to coating (see vacuum coating) and also for surface treatment to achieve sputtering cleaning, polishing, grinding and thinning. Ion etching is an electron beam and ion beam microfabrication technique.

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