Introduction to Liquid Chromatography
Introduction to Liquid Chromatography
Liquid chromatography refers to the use of mixtures in the liquid - solid or immiscible between the two liquid distribution ratio differences, the mixture was first separated, and then analyze the identification of the instrument. Liquid chromatography is based on the stationary phase is a liquid or solid, and is divided into liquid - liquid chromatography (LLC) and liquid - solid chromatography (LSC). Modern liquid chromatography from the high-pressure infusion pump, injection system, temperature control system, column, detector, signal recording system and other components. Compared with the classic liquid column chromatography device, with high efficiency, fast, sensitive and so on.
Liquid chromatography applications
The liquid chromatograph passes through a column core eluent to a mixture of high-boiling, unhappy compounds to achieve separation. Applied to biomedical, environmental chemistry, petrochemical and other departments.
Basic composition of liquid chromatography
System consists of accumulator, pump, injector, column, detector, recorder and other parts. The mobile phase in the reservoir is driven into the system by a high-pressure pump. The sample solution enters the mobile phase via the injector and is loaded into the column (stationary phase) by the mobile phase. Since each component in the sample solution has Different partition coefficients, when relative movement between two phases, after repeated adsorption-desorption distribution process, each component has a big difference in moving speed and is separated into individual components and sequentially flows out of the column , Through the detector, the sample concentration is converted into electrical signals sent to the recorder, the data is printed out in the form of a map High performance liquid chromatography with a sample injection system, infusion system, separation system, detection system and data processing system.

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