Helium mass spectrometer leak detector
Helium mass spectrometer leak detector
Instrument introduction and type
Helium mass spectrometer leak detector is helium gas as revealing leakage of vacuum equipment and sealing devices to locate the tiny leaks, quantitative and qualitative detection of the special leak detection equipment. It has the characteristics of stable performance, high sensitivity, easy operation, rapid detection, etc. It is the most commonly used leak detection instrument in vacuum leak detection technology,
Helium leak detectors are magnetically deflected mass spectrometers. Single-stage magnetic deflection instrument sensitivity lO-9 ~ 10-12Pam3 / s, widely used in various vacuum systems and parts leak detection. Compared with the single-stage magnetic deflection apparatus, the two-stage series magnetic deflection apparatus significantly reduces the noise floor. The sensitivity of up to 10-14 ~ 10-15Pam3 / s, for ultra-high vacuum systems, parts and components leak detection. Countercurrent helium mass spectrometer leak detector changes the structure of the conventional type instrument layout, the test piece is placed in the front part of the main pump of the leak detector, so it can leak under high pressure without liquid nitrogen and mass spectrometer chamber, such as small pollution Features. For large leak rate, poor vacuum hygiene vacuum system leak detection, the sensitivity of up to 10-12Pam3 / s.
Working principle and structure
Helium mass spectrometer leak detector is based on the principle of mass spectrometry magnetic deflection type mass spectrometer, with helium leak detection gas leak detection gas leak detector made of equipment. Its structure mainly consists of the injection system, ion source, mass analyzer, collecting amplifier, cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge and other components. The ion source is a gas that ionizes to form a beam of ions with a specific energy. The mass analyzer is a uniform magnetic field space, different mass to charge ratio of the ions is different in different orbital radii will be separated motion in a magnetic field, so that only in the design of flying helium ion analyzer slit, hit the collector on. The collecting amplifier collects the helium ion stream and feeds it to a current amplifier, where the leak rate is known by measuring the ion flux. The cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge indicates the pressure in the mass spectrometer chamber and serves as a protective device.
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