Hand sterilizer (Laboratory general equipment)
Hand sterilizer (Laboratory general equipment)
The hand sterilizer, also known as a hand sterilizer or an alcohol sprayer, is an electrical product that uses a sensing principle to inject disinfectant in a contact-free manner and sterilize the hands and upper arms. Hand sterilizers are widely used in pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants (companies), medical and health, banks, hotels, restaurants and kindergartens for hand disinfection to ensure hygiene.
1, according to the power supply of the product classification: is divided into alternating hand disinfection, DC hand disinfection
In China, AC sterilizers are usually powered by a 220V/50hz power supply. The pressure generated by the electromagnetic pump is even and the spray or atomization effect is stable. However, there is a need for power supply at the installation site.
DC power supply usually uses the power supply, but also has the transformer used separately. Due to the lack of power supply, the sterilizer usually has poor atomization effect and the effect is similar to the effect of the soap dispenser.
2, according to the status of the state of the sprayed liquid: divided into atomized hand sterilizer, spray hand sterilizer
The atomized hand sterilizer is usually a high-pressure electromagnetic pump, and the disinfectant sprayed is even and can fully contact with the skin or the rubber gloves. The disinfectant effect can be achieved by using a small amount of disinfectant, and the product can be disinfected. Become the mainstream product of the market
On the one hand, the sprayer hand sterilizer has insufficient pressure on the electromagnetic pump. On the other hand, because the design of the nozzle is not reasonable, the disinfectant is sprayed with a turbulent phenomenon. This results in an unsatisfactory result, resulting in wastage of the disinfectant, and thus less and less. be chosen
3, according to the sterilizer material classification, divided into ABS plastic hand sterilizer, stainless steel hand sterilizer
ABS has become an excellent material for the hand sterilizer housing because of its stable chemical properties and easy-to-mold characteristics. However, the color is aged and easily scratched, affecting his aesthetic appearance.
Stainless steel hand sterilizer, usually made of 304 stainless steel shell material, durable, in particular, has become the best partner for high-end food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, the only drawback is that the cost is more expensive, but his durable features still get the user's affirmation .
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