GC / MS is an earlier instrument in analytical instruments that has developed dramatically since GC / MS was first implemented by J.C. Holmes and F.A. Morrell in 1957. In all joint technology GC / MS, GC / MS the most developed, the most widely used. Almost all of the laboratories currently engaged in the analysis of organic matter use GC / MS as one of the major qualitative confirmation methods, and GC / MS is also used for quantitative analysis. On the other hand, the currently available organic mass spectrometers, whether magnetic, quadrupole, ion trap or TOF, FTMS, can be combined with gas chromatography. There are other ways to connect GC and MS, such as gas chromatography - combustor - isotope ratio mass spectrometry. GC / MS has become one of the most effective means of analyzing complex mixtures.

GC / MS is a qualitative and quantitative method used to determine the different substances in a test sample by combining the features of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. It has high resolution of GC and high sensitivity of mass spectrometry. Gas chromatography separates components of the mixture over time, while mass spectrometry provides information to confirm the structure of each component. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are connected by an interface. GC / MS is widely used in drug testing, environmental analysis, fire investigation, research on explosive components, qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs and metabolites in biological samples, and determination of unknown sample components. GC / MS is also used in airport security checks for the detection of luggage or carry-on items.
Instrument composition

GC-MS consists of gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer and data processing system composed of three parts, of which gas chromatographic separation of the sample components, plays the role of sample preparation; interface to the gas chromatograph out of the components into the mass spectrometer To detect and act as an adapter between gas chromatography and mass spectrometry; the mass spectrometer analyzes each component sequentially introduced to the interface and becomes a detector of the gas chromatograph; the data processing system interactively controls the gas chromatograph, the interface, and the mass spectrometer , For data acquisition and processing, is the GC-MS's central control unit.

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