Fusion machine
Fusion machine
The sample melting machine is a glass melting glass prepared by the glass melting method. The sample preparation equipment uses AAS, ICP, and X-ray fluorescence analysis, which basically eliminates the mineral effect and the enhanced absorption effect of the matrix. The measurement accuracy is high and the accuracy is good. The heating methods used are: gas heating, resistance radiation heating and high-frequency induction heating three ways.
Typical sample types include oxides, sulfides, silicates such as mining ore, metallurgical ores, concentrates, and the like. Can also be used for quality monitoring, such as: glass and ceramic industry, steelmaking, blast furnace slag, bauxite, alumina, metal (Pb, Zn, Cu, Ni) sulfides, silicon slag, slag, ore sand industry, Cement, lime, kiln brick industry, universities and research institutes.
Fusion glass tablet for XRF analysis
Solutions for AA and ICP analysis
Applicable sample:
Iron and steel, metallurgical industry: pure metals, ferroalloys, other alloys, etc.
Geology, mining industry: geological samples, bauxite, fluoride, etc.
Cement industry: cement, carbonate, silicate, ceramics, slag, glass, sand, etc.
Chemical industry: oxides, sulfides, polymers, catalysts, etc.
The prototypes are mainly divided into three types: high frequency induction fuser, electric heating fuser and gas fuser.
1, high-frequency induction melting prototype
High-frequency induction fuser glass fuse is a special equipment for sample preparation of x-ray fluorescence spectrometer. It uses high-frequency induction heating, high efficiency, high speed, no preheating, ready-to-use, high degree of automation, simple operation, sample preparation speed The high analysis accuracy and cost of use meet the current environmental protection requirements for energy conservation, consumption reduction, and emission reduction. It is a heating method that should be advocated in the future. However, due to the high cost of the equipment itself, it is currently limited in the application of SMEs.
• High-frequency induction heating system;
• XRF analysis glass frit, AAS and ICP analysis solution
• High-precision infrared temperature measurement system combined with PID intelligent temperature control;
• Touch screen human-machine interface integrating operation and display;
• PLC intelligent control system, can pre-store 5 sets of commonly used sample preparation program;
• The pre-oxidation → heat-melt → shake-shake → cast-mold → cooling process is set up for the sample-flooding process, and the auto-execution is completed in one click.
• automatic swing function in the melting process;
• There are many kinds of options such as single-turn single-mode, double-turn dual-mode, four-in-four-mode, etc. The speed of sample preparation is: 5-10min/batch.
• A heat-resistant ceramic protection frame is designed for platinum crucibles and molding dies to extend the use time.
• Designed with a special exhaust system in the melting chamber to remove harmful gases from the melting process in time;
• It has wide applicability to different samples, and the produced melting plate is even and reliable, which can meet the requirements of glass fuses when users analyze XRF.
• Multiple safety precautions such as over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and lack of water.
2, electric heating type melt sampler
Nickel-chromium-molybdenum resistance wire, silicon carbide rod or silicon molybdenum rod, heating by electric heat radiation, slow heating, low thermal efficiency, inconvenient operation, and strong heat radiation lead to arduous operating environment, but due to the low manufacturing cost of the equipment itself, the metallurgical industry, etc. Used widely.
3. Gas melting prototype
Gas fusion sampler is a special equipment for sample preparation of x-ray fluorescence spectrometer. The high-temperature combustible gas used is mainly natural gas, propane, acetylene, etc. The heating temperature is high, but because these gases are flammable and explosive, there is safety such as burning and explosion. Hidden dangers, complicated operations such as replacement and ignition, there is also a certain temperature difference between the internal and external flames of the gas, and the temperature of the fusion sample is not easy to control. 
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