Flow Analyzer/Flow Injection Analyzer (FIA SFA CFA)
Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) is a new type of continuous flow analysis technology proposed by Danish chemists Ruzicka J and Hansen E H in 1974. This technique involves injecting a volume of sample solution into a flowing, non-air-spaced reagent solution (or water) carrier stream. The injected sample solution flows into the reaction coil to form a zone and load it. The reagents in the stream are mixed and reacted and then flowed into the flow detector for measurement analysis and recording. Since the sample solution is dispersed in the reagent carrier under strictly controlled conditions, as long as the sample solution injection method has the same conditions in the pipe, such as residence time, temperature, and dispersion process, the reaction is not required to reach an equilibrium state. Method, the working curve drawn from the standard solution determines the concentration of the test substance in the sample solution.
Field of application
Water quality testing, soil sample analysis, agriculture and environmental monitoring, scientific research and teaching, fermentation process monitoring, pharmaceutical research, banned drug testing, blood analysis, food and beverage, spectrophotometric analysis, etc.
main feature
The required equipment and equipment structure is simple and compact;
Simple operation, easy automatic continuous analysis
Fast analysis and high precision;
Reagents, samples, less dosage, wider applicability;
Analytical instruments
Physical property test
Environmental monitoring and analysis
Lab general equipment
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